Creating the Next Generation of Shared Mobility

What is Shared Mobility?

Shared Mobility is revolutionizing the ways we think about transportation. Whether Bike Sharing, Car Sharing or Integrated Transportation Solutions, this is the exciting future shaping how people get around. We help companies to create programs that are more convenient, sustainable, and cost-effective.

We are the only end-to-end agency for shared mobility projects.
We offer full support to guide you through your shared mobility projects.

I have a vision, where do I start? 

We assess the viability of your vision and help to build your business case. Our process is customised to your individual project.

What do I need to get to market as quickly as possible?

We get your shared mobility service off the ground: either through training of your team or by becoming part of your launch team. 

I am up and running, how do I grow and improve my service?

We support you in streamlining and improving your operations. Our goal is to help you increase efficiencies and revenue. 

Our Expertise

We are supporting the design and launch of car sharing programs for the global market.

We support our clients in assessing their markets and developing e-bike and e-moped sharing programs that create impact.

Using the latest technology from shared mobility, we integrate with public transit to create multi-modal transportation networks.

Our Tools

movmi’s playbook is a collection of best practices and lessons learned based on 8 years of operating experience. Our playbook outlines what carshare and bikeshare operators need to do to launch their company successfully.

Use our SMCI report that uses 5 index measures to help you know where to launch your shared mobility program. Learn about a given city’s regulations, policies and support provided, understand locals commuting patterns and learn about the city’s public transportation infrastructure.

Who we are

Winner of the TED/BMWi Next Visionary Award

We are an award winning boutique agency specialised in Shared Mobility Architecture: the assessment, implementation and launch of new mobility services, such as car sharing or bike sharing.
With projects completed in more than 10 cities across the world, we are driving change towards smarter cities and economies. We do more than build projects — we build partnerships that help businesses grow.

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Shared Mobility Thoughts

2019 mobility

Mobility Trends of 2019

2019 was an interesting year in shared mobility and one that makes one wonder if shared mobility is here to stay: Large automotive players such as

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