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Over the Last Year, We’ve Interviewed 30 Women in Shared Mobility

Oct 31, 2017

If you’ve been following our women in shared mobility series, then you are aware of the insights we’ve garnished in the shared mobility industry over the last year. Since we’ve been running this interview video series, we’ve collected insightful answers about carsharing and shared mobility as a whole from 30 women working in the space or a related industry. We have compiled some of our favourite quotes for you in this video, and you can see insights from each of our interviewees below. 

Moving forward with our Women in Mobility Series for 2018, we want to know what questions about shared mobility you’d like addressed. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what questions we should be asking here.

Women in Shared Mobility, movmi Interview Series


The questions we asked are simple, but are crafted to start a conversation and bring out fine details that we, perhaps, have yet to hear. They include:

  • How will shared mobility change in the next 5 years?
  • Why is shared mobility important for our cities and communities?
  • What do we have to do to convince more people to make shared mobility part of their lifestyle?

insights about carsharing and social equality

One of the greatest things about shared mobility is it’s ability to move social equality forward as well as physical mobility, which is something our founder Sandra Phillips will be discussing in her upcoming Ted Talk in NYC this November, 2017. Over the year, we had several of our interviewees point out how shared mobility encourages social equality. As Monica Araya of Costa Rica’s Association for Shared Mobility puts it, “Shared mobility is about empowering people who are let down by the collapsing transport systems.”

MONICA ARAYA women in shared mobility

Insights about carsharing and the environment

The biggest advantage, however, has to do with the environment, and this was a topic that was discussed again and again with our interviewees over the last year. We particularly loved Carla Archambault of Zipcar’s input that we need to “change the status quo in our cities” and Catherine Kargas‘ idea that a carsharing trip should reflect its carbon footprint.

why do we need carsharing?

What exactly makes carsharing so special and essential for shaping the future of mobility? These ladies, including Pam Cooley of Carshare Atlantic and Ananda Groag of ShareNL, did a great job of giving us exactly the reasons why.

women in shared mobility

Insights into the business of carsharing

What about the business side of carsharing? These business-savvy ladies working in shared mobility gave us great insights, including Clara Terrien of Renault Open Innovations Labs and Angeli Gianchandani of Cadillac.

Insights into the future of shared mobility

Envisioning the future of shared mobility is exciting and even scary for some. Of course, we took advantage of our discussions with our interviewees over the years, and we had them give us their insights of the future. Victoria Carter of CityHop and Holly Houser of ReachNow were amongst the group of ladies to give us some great ideas for the future.

women in shared mobility

Insights about Designing Shared Mobility

And finally, we thought it was interesting to learn about the design of shared mobility from others in the industry, including Kathryn Hing from Coup and Gabriele Gerhardter from Kapsch Solution Center.

GABRIELE GERHARDTER women in shared mobility


See our first series of women in shared mobility interview here.

After speaking to these 30 women in shared mobility over the past year, we are very optimistic about the future of carsharing and can’t wait to see all of the developments before us. Want to give us your input on Women in Shared Mobility 2018? Share your thoughts with us!



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