Creating the Next Generation of Shared Mobility

Shared mobility & PUblic transit partners

Public transit and shared mobility will go hand in hand in the future and are both cornerstones for sustainable cities which is why we are a member of CUTA.

We at movmi are all Shared Mobility Architects designing transportation systems for our cities. One of our mandates is to create systems that support liveable cities. That is why we signed the Shared Mobility Principles, an initiative by Robin Chase.

technology partners

Technology is the key enabler for new forms of mobility: from hardware that tracks vehicle movements to software that has smart algorithms to manage shared mobility fleets better. 

We work with dozens of tech providers on a regular basis to understand the nuances of how each system works so that we can piece together a solution that supports the end user in the best possible way.

Operational partners

Our Operating Teams help make the magic happen so that members get a seamless experience every time. Operational Partners can help support the member’s experience either by preparing the vehicles to be spotless, fueled and located conveniently for members.  

Alternatively, Operational Partners can also help with aiding members when they have questions about the service or are experiencing difficulty. 

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