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Creating the Next Generation of Shared Mobility

September 2018

The Problem of Fleet Relocation in On-Demand Services 
Published by: Urban Mobility Forum

In this article of the Urban Mobility Forum, Sandra Phillips explains one of the toughest challenges and potential solutions for one of on-demand services: relocation.


Why Business Fleets Are Slow to Embrace Car-Sharing, and What They are Missing 
Published by: Fleet Management Weekly

Fleet Management Weekly shines a light on why North American business fleets are lagging behind other markets in embracing carsharing. 

JUNE 2018

Montreal’s Movin’On event sparks mobility innovations from around the world
Published by: Driving

movmi was invited to Movin’On, the world summit on sustainable mobility, to speak on panel. Here, Sandra Phillips discusses the future of mobility and how cities can adopt new more shared mobility modes that integrates with public transportation. 

may 2018

Transforming transport with shared mobility
Published by: TED
Shared mobility architect, Sandra Phillips, shares her vision for a game-changing transportation solution: car-sharing. 

march 2018

Lyft exec pitches Vancouver on value of abandoning car ownership
Published by: Vancouver Courier

This article discusses autonomous vehicles and how regulation is necessary to avoid adding more congestion. 

Sandra Phillips: more mobility for everyone
Published by: BMW Magazine

In this interview, Sandra Phillips discusses her vision of mobility that won her the “Next Visionaries” competition; a competition launched by BMWi in collaboration with TED. 

january 2018

How Vancouver entrepreneur Sandra Phillips became a shared mobility architect
Published by: The Globe and Mail

In this interview, Sandra Phillips discusses her journey in shared mobility. 

The Rise of Autonomous Vehicles: Planning for Deployment Not Just Development
Published by: RD Magazine

This article discusses autonomous vehicles and the challenges remaining to implementing this across the world. It also features Ontario’s Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN), the first Canadian city to make a promise and significant investment into AVs.


DEcember 2017

BMW I/TED Next Visionaries Winner Talks Shared Mobility
Published by: Autotrader

Sandra discusses her vision of inclusive transportation that serves the needs of all citizens in urban and rural areas with electric AVs and public transit.


November 2017

Sandra Phillips wins BMW-sponsored contest with idea of integrating public transit with autonomous and electric minibuses. 
Published by: Driving

movmi’s CEO and founder, Sandra Phillips, shares how mobility could be transformed in the future where electric AVs and public transit will be make mobility more socially equitable that serves the needs of all citizens.


September 2017

TED Next Visionaries Winner Decided.
Published by: BMW

 Sandra Phillips’ vision wins in the Next Visionaries competition; a competition launched by BMWi in collaboration with TED. 


Next Visionaries Final Idea Pitch 2017
Published by: Next Visionaries

Listen to Sandra Phillips’ vision about how shared mobility can make it more socially equitable for everyone.


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