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July 2017

Clients trust movmi to give unbiased recommendations that best serves their needs. This includes providing recommendations on which technology provider will support the client’s business model. To stay up to… Read More

We recently read an article from the Wall Street Journal that resonated deeply, posing that intimately mind-shifting question that we know is running through almost everyone's head these days: is… Read More

WHAT IS CITYMAKERS? The Groupe Renault partners with NUMA, a leading startup accelerator, to launch CityMakers in partnership with AXA, Nissan, RCI Bank and Services and the City of Paris.… Read More

Shared mobility is growing stronger and stronger with each passing year, and all have seemingly accepted this form of transportation, from the consumer to some of the biggest car manufacturers.… Read More

If you've recently heard about Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick taking leave, you might be wondering what the future of this innovative ridehailing company has in store. We reviewed a recent article… Read More

June 2017

There are over 4.5 million car-sharing members worldwide and more than 8 million users are members of the largest taxi-hailing provider, Uber. Blablacar, the largest carpooling provider, claims to have… Read More

Our latest edition of our Women in Shared Mobility series features 3 women who operate a carshare company and 1 researcher in the industry. Incredibly intelligent and well-versed in the world… Read More

Learning about the world and industry of carsharing is better encountered with a combination of working on it from the inside and using it as a consumer from the outside. Which is why we… Read More

We recently reviewed a new report from Conduent on traffic congestion as a worldwide issue. While new technological developments, new infrastructure and expanded mobility options are aiding in this issue, the… Read More

After assisting many new carsharing companies with their launch, we know how valuable a streamlined carsharing member journey is. From lead, capture, signup, and registration to the repeatable processes of booking, driving,… Read More

May 2017

We recently published a white paper entitled Navigating Insurance Policies: What Carshare Companies Need to Know When Buying Insurance Policies for the First Time. This white paper provides a guideline for new… Read More

What does the future of not just shared mobility, but mobility as a whole, look like? We had a discussion with our Founder, Sandra Phillips, to gather her thoughts on the subject… Read More

How important is getting from point A to B in determining the lifestyle value of a particular city? In rainy Vancouver, ride-hailing services that are revolutionizing the transportation experience around… Read More

It's no big surprise that the changes we are seeing in technology and mobility are leading to changes in how cities are shaped, what infrastructure they require, and how they… Read More

How is the world of mobility is changing and what challenges lay ahead for carsharing? We reviewed Monocle's recent video entitled Future of Travel, involving the developments in shared mobility… Read More

April 2017

“Vancouver is one of the most vibrant shared mobility markets.” Posted on April 11, 2017 on SCCC Blog Evo, Car2go, Uber – ridesharing is as popular and easy as never before. Movmi,… Read More

What insights can we gain from women in shared mobility when it comes to the future, and especially, the autonomous future? We had the opportunity to interview some incredibly intelligent… Read More

Currently operating in New Jersey and looking to expand to New York State, Getaround's Founder recently discussed this peer-to-peer carsharing service on Talk 1300. Like the Airbnb for cars, Getaround is… Read More

One of the biggest questions of the future falls upon the popularity of private car ownership, which has been at the heart of North American society for generations. We are… Read More

We recently came across an article on Forbes that piqued our attention. Where shared mobility crosses over to, and even encourages the use of, other forms of transportation, the question… Read More

Ride-sharing and car-sharing will evolve when autonomous cars emerge. Interestingly, autonomous cars are being birthed out of ride sharing platforms like Uber, Lyft, Didi, and other programs as they partner with… Read More

March 2017

We participated in the City Car Summit 2017 in Berlin a few weeks ago, and we got to meet some of the industry experts. As you may have guessed, we… Read More

You may have heard of Evo Car Share, British Columbia's free-floating carsharing service, but perhaps you didn't know that movmi helped in its launch, headed by BCAA, and we are proud… Read More

The topic of flexible transportation, specifically public transportation, is receiving increased coverage around the world. The reason for such high coverage is its level of importance – everyone travels! The… Read More

movmi’s SMCI 2017 provides a holistic overview of how 20 North American are positioned compared to their peers to attract shared mobility service provides. Deciding where to launch or whether… Read More

2016 was many things to many people. For the shared mobility community, it was a year of celebration with new bike share launches across North America putting more people on… Read More

February 2017

What insights can we gain from women in shared mobility? Plenty! We had the opportunity to interview some incredibly intelligent women working in the shared economy space, and we've compiled the highlights… Read More

Have you heard of EKar Car Sharing? If you haven't, the CEO of EKar, Vilhelm Hedberg, was recently named the Number One Startup to Watch by Forbes Magazine. Having launched in… Read More

Is your city ready for shared mobility? Look at the cost of parking as described in the 2017 Shared Mobility City Index. In almost any city newspaper or blog, you… Read More

January 2017

Anticipating the challenges and opportunities associated with new mobility, two workshops were held by Metrolinx last year to encourage the development of strategic directions of mobility trends to help inform… Read More


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