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November 2018

Starting with Russia and South East Asia in our shared mobility by region coverage, we are now moving on to take a closer look at the shared mobility offerings in… Read More

October 2018

This month, we spoke with Sharon Feigon exclusively for our new format of Women in Shared Mobility. Sharon Feigon is Founder and Executive Director of Shared-Use Mobility Center, a public-interest nonprofit… Read More

While worldwide population is on the rise, smart city planners know that city centres are in need of a greener, lighter mode of transport that is both easy to access… Read More

Today we are taking a deeper look at the South East Asia shared mobility industry, from car sharing to bike sharing and everything in between.  If you missed our last… Read More

Over the past few years, the city of Seattle has committed to a master plan for biking and committed to spend almost a billion dollars over nine years for bicycle… Read More

September 2018

As we continue into our second year of interviewing women in shared mobility to gain insights on various aspects on the ever-evolving industry, we have begun to focus on more… Read More

The carsharing trend is much more than a fad, and as we know it today, it's become a very viable form of shared transportation in many countries globally. As we move… Read More

Let's take a look at the Russia shared mobility industry. Russia, the largest country in the world, has vast distances between each of its cities and should (in theory) be… Read More

It’s an exciting time for bikesharing. Bikesharing is popping up around all over the world, growing at an exponential rate. In 2013, there were 700,000 public-use bikes worldwide compared to… Read More

August 2018

This month, we look at the cutting edge in transportation technology: Hyperloop One. This super fast, futuristic mode of transport, straight out of a sci-fi novel is in development and… Read More

There is no question of the success that carsharing platforms have seen over the past decade. This progress is evident throughout large urban areas, in both the developed and the developing… Read More

One of the biggest hurdles currently taking place in the transportation industry is achieving higher levels of sustainability through electrifying transportation. A long-term goal for many countries and companies is… Read More

You might be wondering: what's happening with autonomous vehicles in my country? Over the last two years, media and news publications have been headlining autonomous vehicle operations, regulations, and advancements… Read More

July 2018

The global landscape of private transportation has changed dramatically over the last decade with the introduction of the ‘shared economy’. Need to catch a ride? No longer will you need… Read More

The ability to be mobile and travel has always been an essential part of a social society, that allows humans to make and retain vital connections with people and places.… Read More

This month, we turned back to one of the most popular topics in shared mobility during our Women in Shared Mobility interviews: Autonomous Vehicles. While the technology is essentially ready,… Read More

We discussed the trend of micro mobility vehicles in a previous blog post and how it was transforming the shared transportation sector, and now we turn to another: e-scooter sharing.… Read More

Parking is a difficult art to master as a carshare operator. For operators, parking is one of the cornerstones to building a successful carshare program. As numerous studies have shown,… Read More

Vancouver is the carsharing capital for North America where the city has more car-sharing vehicles per capita than any other North American city. With the support of the City of… Read More

June 2018

This month for our Women in Shared Mobility series, we turned to some thought-provoking, pivotal questions in the realm of policies for shared mobility around the globe. We spoke with… Read More

As carsharing becomes ever more pivotal in the shared mobility market today, it is essential to choose the right technology provider. In order to make the correct choice, it is… Read More

The major appeal of living in a metropolitan city is that every imaginable amenity is close by and easily accessible. This is where the entire idea of the Sharing Economy… Read More

Whether your company just launched a carshare or has been running smooth operations for years, it can be expected that some sort of “crisis” event will happen. The type of… Read More

While the world watches in anticipation as developments in autonomous vehicles, flying cars and hyperloop technology progresses, there is new trend evolving quickly in the urban mobility industry: micro-vehicles. Have… Read More

May 2018

It's been a while since we have talked about bikesharing since our major 2016 update, an important aspect of the shared mobility landscape, so we've decided to provide a bikesharing… Read More

As autonomous vehicles begin becoming more mainstream around the world, with beta testing in a variety of countries in both the private and public sectors, the data is emerging about… Read More

In this carsharing market analysis written by our Founder, Sandra Phillips, you will learn about key trends and growth patterns from carsharing markets around the world during 2017 and some… Read More

Movin'On Conference by Michelin, previously the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, is an annual two day event full of talks, panels, workshops, masterclasses, labs and experiences all centred around shared mobility. As we… Read More

This month, we focused on Autonomous Vehicles for our Women in Shared Mobility (WiSM) interview. We had the honour of interviewing three women we respect very much in the shared… Read More

We recently conducted an interview with Aureon to discuss a very critical aspect of running a successful shared mobility venture: carsharing call center and customer service. Bobbie Jo Barry, the… Read More

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