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November 2017

Web Summit is an unfathomably large conference with over 60,000 people in attendance. To say there’s always something happening is an understatement. In addition to the presentations, workshops, pitch competition,… Read More

Making it to the TED Speed of Change event at their headquarters in NYC really all started during a coffee meeting on one unsuspecting Vancouver afternoon. As the manager of… Read More

If you didn't know, we presented at the Swiss Canadian Innovation Day last month, which was a one-day educational workshop focusing on the imminent autonomous vehicle (AV) revolution. Created to… Read More

What is going to happen to the future of the planet if we continue on with our urban mobility as we currently are? Perhaps the better question is: what will… Read More

October 2017

If you've been following our women in shared mobility series, then you are aware of the insights we've garnished in the shared mobility industry over the last year. Since we've… Read More

We know that the technology for autonomous vehicles has already arrived, and that's it's the regulations that are holding us back – particularly in North America – from making AV… Read More

Our Founder, Sandra Phillips, was recently featured in an article by car2go entitled: How Autonomous Vehicles will Learn from Shared Mobility. In this article, Sandra expanded on her Next Visionaries vision of… Read More

We recently came across an article that really "drove home" the fact that the future is about much more than driverless cars. While many of us are enchanted by the… Read More

Ridesharing is a form of shared mobility where a passenger arranges a shared ride with other riders, like modern day hitch-hiking, usually through the arrangement of a mobile app. Great examples… Read More

September 2017

Our Women in Mobility series continues, as does the insight! This past month, we spoke with three knowledgable women working in shared mobility to discuss the future of shared mobility,… Read More

As you probably all know, I am the founder of movmi Shared Transportation Services. What you might not know is that I’ve been doing yoga as long as I’ve been… Read More

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in North America that is also a top tech center driving a decent portion of the US economy. But its transportation infrastructure… Read More

THE CHALLENGE Eco-Service is a pioneers in the waterless car wash industry and the main In-field operators for most large free-floating carsharing players in North America. One of the main challenges… Read More

Reviewing a recent study by Henrik Becker and Francesco Ciari of ETH Zurich, we get to know more about what's going on in the world of carsharing in Switzerland (where our founder,… Read More

Lisbon: the city of ‘seven’ hills. Since I moved to Lisbon in June 2017, I can vouch that this is definitely true. I find it is easy to get around… Read More

The question the auto manufacturer Peugeot has been asking themselves lately: How can a mid-tier carmaker like us survive in the Uber age?  While not known for best in quality,… Read More

August 2017

Have you been keeping up with our women in shared mobility series? Every month, we interview leaders in the space about what they think of the future of shared mobility,… Read More

Today we are summarizing the 2017 Carplus Annual Survey of Car Clubs (which is the UK equivalent to carsharing services), which was completed by over 2,900 round-trip car club members… Read More

Autonomous vehicle networks. We've discussed this topic before with our founder, Sandra Phillips, where she described her thoughts on the future of shared mobility in this video. Diving into this… Read More

When our founder, Sandra Phillips, submitted her vision to the Next Visionaries initiative, who asked forward-thinkers and innovators from all over the world for their ideas about the future of mobility,… Read More

We had the opportunity to share our insights at the FIA Conference, put on in collaboration with wocomoco. We are also excited to be attending wocomoco's conference in Berlin this October, but… Read More

In review of the latest research report by Scott LeVine, we felt compelled to share the most impactful findings with you in a summarized article. The report entitled The Impact of… Read More

With the automotive industry rapidly changing more than ever before, it is important stay up to date on the challenges the space faces, learn how startups and large conglomerates are… Read More

Personal choice do affect the global impacts of climate change, and it's time for the modern generations to look at how their personal lifestyles can make a difference. We reviewed… Read More

Santiago de Chile is home to over 7 mio people and with over 4 mio vehicles has the usual issues of a large metropolis: traffic congestion and pollution. That is… Read More

July 2017

Every month we have the opportunity of speaking with other like-minded individuals in the shared mobility space, and we are always wowed by the insights we gain. This month was… Read More

movmi participated for the first time at the ITS European Congress conference in Strasbourg. This conference offered a wide breadth of topics for participants to learn about, from transport networks… Read More

We recently read an article from the Wall Street Journal that resonated deeply, posing that intimately mind-shifting question that we know is running through almost everyone's head these days: is… Read More

WHAT IS CITYMAKERS? The Groupe Renault partners with NUMA, a leading startup accelerator, to launch CityMakers in partnership with AXA, Nissan, RCI Bank and Services and the City of Paris.… Read More

Shared mobility is growing stronger and stronger with each passing year, and all have seemingly accepted this form of transportation, from the consumer to some of the biggest car manufacturers.… Read More


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