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servco hui carshare case study

Case Study: How Servco, A Car Dealership, Entered the Carsharing Market with Hui

Apr 3, 2018

While Servco Pacific Inc is one of the top 50 auto dealers in the United States, Servco recognized that the industry has seen vehicle sales decrease overall in the United States because of demographic changes, urbanization, and economic forces. In particular, the Millennial generation (aged between 15 to 34) are driving less and are living in more urban centers.

Thus, Servco decided to investigate into carsharing and saw an opportunity to launch in the city of Honolulu given the city’s focus on building higher density with 30 high density developments over the next 10 years in the Kaka’ako neighbourhood. Additionally, Servco saw this as an opportunity to be the trail- blazer to launch carsharing services in Hawaii – meet Hui Carshare.

How servco entered the shared mobility market with hui carshare


While Servco knew a lot about vehicles, it didn’t have expertise in carsharing. In particular, carsharing is a typically a full end-to- end digital experience for members which is very different from the face-to- face interaction that Servco typically has with its customers! Thus, Servco wanted to learn how to provide this experience to its members.


To help navigate the road to carsharing, movmi was asked to join the project. movmi provided the roadmap (project plan) to get to the desired destination, assisting with key aspects such as technology, insurance, operations and marketing strategies. The road was sometimes bumpy, insurance was a challenge because many insurance providers were hesitant to support this type of service. This resulted in either insurance companies quoting significantly higher premiums or not even offering their services at all. With the help of movmi’s guidance, Servco was able to partner with an insurance company that was a good fit for them.

After reviewing various technology providers, Servco decided to partner with Toyota Connect. This was Toyota Connect’s first time building a carsharing platform so movmi contributed by providing prioritized requirements that focused on the member experience. movmi also took the lense of an operator and provided feedback to Toyota Connect and Servco so that the backend was setup properly for ease of use.

To help setup the Fleet and Member Services team, movmi provided a customized Playbook. The Playbook outlines the key responsibilities each team has and provides tools for them to complete key tasks. For example, movmi’s Playbook contains flowcharts for Member Services so that a member services support agent knows exactly what to do if a member calls in to report a problem (e.g. I got into a car accident, what do I do?). Servco used these flowcharts and provided them to the third-party call center they hired. movmi’s Playbook also includes checklists to assist the Fleet team and legal documents such as membership agreement and FAQ.

movmi Playbook shared mobility

Once the technology and operations were ready to go, Servco faced a new challenge: acquiring members! Traditional methods Servco used would not suffice so movmi provided a 6-month growth strategy and supporting digital content for social media (studiomedia). This growth strategy helped Servco understand who their target demographic was and how to reach them.


Servco launched its carsharing service, Hui Carshare, in Honolulu in 2018. Thanks to the training sessions and Playbook, the on-site launch support time was reduced from 2 months to 3 weeks. Hui is powered by Toyota Connect and is the first ever Bluetooth (BLE) carsharing service to launch in Hawaii. This means unlocking and locking the vehicle is a hands-free experience – members don’t need an RFID card or PIN, they can just walk up to the vehicle. Servco Hui is just starting to gain momentum and will be available to the public this summer – movmi can’t wait to see how big the carsharing service will be in Honolulu!

If you would like movmi to help with your shared mobility launch, click here to learn more about how we can help you.


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