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This month on our shared mobility by region series, we are looking at the current offerings in the shared mobility market in France.  Every year the Autonomy: The Urban Mobility Summit… Read More

This month on our shared mobility by region series, we will be delving into the shared mobility offerings of the United Kingdom and Ireland.  There are a few initiatives in… Read More

This month on our shared mobility by region series, we are examining the mobility offerings of Spain and Portugal. Europe is internationally recognized for its superior shared mobility services. Europe… Read More

This month on our shared mobility by region series, we stay local and explore the shared mobility offerings in Canada. In 2016, the urban population of the second largest country… Read More

Last time, our shared mobility by region series delved into the shared mobility offerings ‘down under’ in Australia and New Zealand. This month we take a look at the emerging… Read More

Last month, our shared mobility by region series took us to South and Latin America. This time we take a look ‘down under,’ at the shared mobility offerings in Australia… Read More

In last month's blog post, our shared mobility by region series focused on the Middle East. This month we are diving into South and Latin American shared mobility offerings. Latin America… Read More

Starting with Russia and South East Asia in our shared mobility by region coverage, we are now moving on to take a closer look at the shared mobility offerings in… Read More

Today we are taking a deeper look at the South East Asia shared mobility industry, from car sharing to bike sharing and everything in between.  If you missed our last… Read More

Let's take a look at the Russia shared mobility industry. Russia, the largest country in the world, has vast distances between each of its cities and should (in theory) be… Read More

Whether it's to get groceries, a short trip to the bank, or to and from school for kids, the short trips made in and by Africans are a tale which… Read More

This month on the 'Women In Shared Mobility' series, we interviewed Marcy Klevorn, the CHIEF TRANSFORMATION OFFICER at Ford Motor Company. In this role she is accelerating the company’s transformation… Read More

This week on the movmi blog we will be addressing the implementation of mobility pricing in the region of Vancouver, which includes transit fares, bridge tolls, road usage charges (congestion… Read More

Carol Schweiger, President of Schweiger Consulting and Chairperson of the New England Intelligent Transportation Society, has nearly 40 years of experience, and is nationally and internationally recognized in transportation technology… Read More

Vancouver, Canada, January 22, 2019 – Los Angeles remains a car-dependent city – with twice the percentage of commuters using a car to get to work as in San Francisco… Read More

movmi compiles data about different cities on a regular basis. The 2019 Shared Mobility City Index (SMCI) edition provides a comprehensive overview on shared mobility infrastructure and policy of 20 North… Read More

This month, we spoke with Sharon Feigon exclusively for our new format of Women in Shared Mobility. Sharon Feigon is Founder and Executive Director of Shared-Use Mobility Center, a public-interest nonprofit… Read More

The carsharing trend is much more than a fad, and as we know it today, it's become a very viable form of shared transportation in many countries globally. As we move… Read More

It’s an exciting time for bikesharing. Bikesharing is popping up around all over the world, growing at an exponential rate. In 2013, there were 700,000 public-use bikes worldwide compared to… Read More

This month, we look at the cutting edge in transportation technology: Hyperloop One. This super fast, futuristic mode of transport, straight out of a sci-fi novel is in development and… Read More

There is no question of the success that carsharing platforms have seen over the past decade. This progress is evident throughout large urban areas, in both the developed and the developing… Read More

Vancouver is the carsharing capital for North America where the city has more car-sharing vehicles per capita than any other North American city. With the support of the City of… Read More

This month for our Women in Shared Mobility series, we turned to some thought-provoking, pivotal questions in the realm of policies for shared mobility around the globe. We spoke with… Read More

This month, we focused on Autonomous Vehicles for our Women in Shared Mobility (WiSM) interview. We had the honour of interviewing three women we respect very much in the shared… Read More

You've surely heard of them before, though perhaps you haven't seen them cruising around your streets with a mind of their own just yet: self-driving pods. These autonomous vehicles are currently… Read More

CAR SHARING business model The car sharing business model isn't something that is so simple to understand. Because of the various structures that are available for the creation of your… Read More

For this month's Women in Shared Mobility series, we had the honour of interviewing on the subjects of MaaS (mobility as a service) and Member Insights and Experiences. We spoke… Read More

Having just led a panel on integrated mobility at the new Mobility Forum organized by TransLink, we're happy to summarize a report Translink, called the Governance of Smart Mobility. The forum… Read More

Reviewing a recent study by Henrik Becker and Francesco Ciari of ETH Zurich, we get to know more about what's going on in the world of carsharing in Switzerland (where our founder,… Read More

When our founder, Sandra Phillips, submitted her vision to the Next Visionaries initiative, who asked forward-thinkers and innovators from all over the world for their ideas about the future of mobility,… Read More

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