Business Case

Know how to get your operations off the ground. Use your business case to get approval and funding.

We know the ins and outs to get your service off the ground. We will help you define and build your business model, providing strategies for all facets that are necessary to succeed. These strategies will be documented in business case that can be used to gain approval or used to get funding for your project or company. The business case includes:

  • Launch Setup: Covering regulations, tax implications as well as fleet size and ideal parking arrangements.
  • Technology Strategy: A description of the ideal service and product mix and which technology will support it.
  • Go to Market and Promotions Strategy: Grow your membership base and increase utilisation.
  • Operational Strategy: Describing your team setup, all operational processes and how to measure success of your team.
  • Financial Model: A complete financial model with a 5 year operational forecast as well as a complete Capital Budget.

Get started with the expertise we’ve drawn from over eight years of experience in the industry – and drive your organisation forward.



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