Planning to launch a shared mobility service can be overwhelming: from the right vehicle mix to technology selection to operational processes, our extensive knowledge of the industry will build a business that could stand up to the top global carsharing operators.

Project Management

A solid project management foundation is a necessary first step to completing your initiatives on time and on budget. We customise our approach and work with you to design and develop the service based on your business model. We recommend vendors based on your service and your budget and attend vendor meetings to save time and stress. We know the ins and outs of technology implementations and aid in the perfect execution of the launch day of your shared mobility service.

Shared Mobility Playbook

Our shared mobility playbook is a collection of best practices and lessons learnt that explains what all shared mobility operators do on a daily basis. It includes checklists, org charts, task-list and KPIs for each department and will support your team prior and post launch.

Team Training

Our two-day team training is tailored to empower your team in all areas of the shared mobility business. The training covers the entire user experience, how to monitor and grow your business and the daily fleet, marketing as well as customer service procedures. Our material is based on lessons learnt and best practices in the industry.