Product Development

Build Applications Users Enjoy

Many shared mobility services have become heavily dependent on the use of smartphones or computers. For shared mobility operators, creating a mobile and web application that is easy-to-use, functional and attractive to end-users is mandatory.

Who can benefit from movmi’s guidance?

We help operators create the best user experience. As an external Product Owner for your team, we will help your technology team launch or enhance your current offering.

What expertise does movmi have?

movmi has a holistic understanding of platform providers and telematics/hardware providers that allows us to put the best pieces together. Combine this with our expertise in operations and user experience, we provide a unique, thorough strategy.

What’s our approach?

First, we analyze your member experience and conduct market research to benchmark competitive services. The results of this needs analysis will craft an elevated user experience.

With the front-end experience outlined, movmi also provides the blueprint to build a complementary back-end to support the front-end so that your team can operate it and get the value you need.


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We are the only end-to-end agency for shared mobility projects. We provide strategy, service and product design as well as project implementation and launch support.