Shared City Mobility Index

Knowing where to launch is half the puzzle

We have ranked 20 North American cities for the second year in a row along a set of criteria. The result tells you which city is most likely to attract shared mobility service providers and where those services are most likely to succeed.

Deciding where to launch new services or where to expand to can be challenging for new and old providers alike. Fleet mix and deployment, technology advancements, and market adoption rates can cause a new provider to sink or swim. The SMCI™ compiles a variety of census data, city policies, and current conditions to anticipate where shared mobility is most likely to succeed. By taking the guess work out of what makes a city right for shared mobility services, companies can focus on what matters most – consumer adoption, customer service, and fleet operations.

Originally published in early 2016, the SMCI™ is a tool which ranks European and North American cities based on a set of 5 index measures with separate criteria deemed influential in predicting shared mobility conditions. By looking at Urban Density, Commute Patters, Sustainability Plans, current Shared Mobility Services, and Parking Prices, the SMCI™ uses a weighted scoring scheme to determine which cities are doing all they can to thrive in the sharing economy and which ones may have some risks.

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