Shared Mobility Portal

The shared mobility guide you need

We have collected best practices and lessons learnt from many different shared mobility operators and compiled them into a practical and lively guide. The manual helps in training new team members, keeps process consistent and ultimately maintains a high member experience standard.

The key to a great member experience are well trained employees. They have to understand your the ins and outs of your service and deliver the best experience every time. Overlook the onboarding experience and your new employee could leave or flounder — both of which are extremely detrimental when you’re operating on slim margins.

movmi’s shared mobility portal covers 10 topics that are common across all shared mobility operations and provides your team with best practices and lessons learnt. It includes the methods, messages and metrics consistent with high high-performing shared mobility organisations and provides your team members with checklists, org charts, tasklist and KPIs for each department.

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