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What 4 Entrepreneurs in Shared Mobility Think of the Future of Carsharing

Jan 23, 2017

What do four intelligent entrepreneurs in the shared mobility space think of the future of carsharing, and the shared economy as a whole? We had the pleasure of interviewing these shared mobility entrepreneurs to gather their thoughts, and we’ve compiled the highlights into the following video.


  1. How will shared mobility change in the next 5 years?

    We wanted to get our interviewees’ perspectives on what they see happening in the next 5 years in the industry of shared mobility as a whole, including carsharing, ride sharing, and bikesharing. Because each of these entrepreneurs are each so entrenched in the industries, we suspected that their projections would be quite accurate.

  2. Why is shared mobility important for our cities and communities?

    We wanted to get some insight from our four shared mobility entrepreneurs about the impact of shared mobility on a more global-scale, starting with our cities and communities. Their answers proved to be very forward-thinking, with sustainability and quality of life at the forefront of their remarks.

  3. What do we have to do to convince more people to make shared mobility part of their lifestyle?

    Addressing the hurdle of getting more individuals to buy into the concept of shared mobility, we wanted to know what each of these entrepreneurs think is the best strategy for overcoming barriers and creating well-rounded change for whole communities and cities with the use of shared mobility.

About the Shared Mobility Entrepreneurs

William Tang – Co-Founder & CEO, The EcoService Group

William Tang of Eco Service shared mobility entrepreneurs

William Tang is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Ecoservice Group, which includes various car-related services such as car share fleet management, mobile car cleaning, and car valet. EcoWaterless is the world’s largest provider of mobile, waterless car washes, and they are the only North American in-field operator with experience and operational knowledge of managing free floating cleaning, rebalancing and fleet operations on the field. Follow EcoService here.






Anwar Sukkarie – President, CEO and Founder, Loop

Anwar Sukkarie Loop shared mobility entrepreneurs

Anwar Sukkarie is the Founder, CEO and President of LOOPShare, the first fully integrated electric scooter sharing in the world. With a mission to reduce the number of privately owned vehicles on the road and reduce congestion and emissions while increasing the quality of life, Loop’s electric scooter sharing service recently announced its Loop Zone Operation field trial in the city of Vancouver, Canada. Follow Loop here.






John Stonier – CEO, VeloMetro

John Stonier VeloMetro Founders shared mobility entrepreneurs

John Stonier is the CEO of VeloMetro, a shared mobility company based in Vancouver, Canada creating the next wave of sustainable personal transportation. From the initial inspiration, VeloMetro is currently creating the 21st century update of their human powered, weather-shielded, fully networked, electric and solar power assisted vehicle. The Veemo™ is a creative, one-way public shared vehicle fleet with a lower cost and more access to bicycle lanes and parking. Follow John here.



Flo Devellennes – CEO and Co-Founder, Pop Rideshare

flo devellennes pop rideshare shared mobility entrepreneurs

Flo Devellennes is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pop Rideshare, which started as HitchWhistler in 2010. Quickly becoming the preferred choice to travel between cities, the Pop platform connects drivers with passengers heading in the same direction – and vice-versa – and provides an alternative ridesharing option to public transport or more expensive carsharing programs. Follow Flo here.

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After speaking to these four shared mobility entrepreneurs, we are very optimistic about the future of carsharing. Want to talk more? Contact us!


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