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CES 2018 Toyota e-palette concept

The Best New Transportation Products at CES 2018

Jan 16, 2018

Did you attend CES in Las Vegas last week? If not, then it’s time to get in-the-know about the product unveilings. We have compiled a list of the best new transportation products at CES 2018.

CES 2018: Top Transportation Products

Ford Partners with Postmates for Automated Delivery Concept

CES 2018 ford autonomous postmates

As discussed by Jim Hackett, Ford’s CEO, at CES, Ford has partnered with Postmates to test an automated, self-driving concept specifically for consumer delivery needs. This new partnership also reflects the companies desire to better serve businesses, allowing them to use autonomous vehicles to change the way they operate in their communities. From a pilot with Domino’s Pizza to a massive $1 billion investment in Argo AI, Ford is committed to creating an excellent self-driving program which is only further enhanced by its latest Postmates partnership.

Toyota’s e-Palette Concept Vehicle

CES 2018 toyota-e-palette-concept-car-5


We’ve all seen photos of autonomous concept vehicles, but is it really necessary that a self-driving vehicle still represents the look and shape of traditionally human-driven cars? Since one of the main benefits of autonomous vehicles is unlocking travel time for passengers to engage in other activities, we particularly appreciated Toyota’s e-Palette concept vehicle reflecting the company’s vision for Automated Mobility as a Service that looks a bit more like a high-tech kitchen (or an on-demand retail service) than a transportation device.

Bell Air Showcases its Futuristic Air Taxi Concept Design

CES 2018 bell air flying taxi design

The future of transportation becomes a lot more futuristic with the unveiling of Bell Helictoper‘s (subsidiary of Textron) flying air taxi design. This four-passenger cabin design allows for a fully integrated user experience and on-demand mobility.

“Bell Helicopter is innovating at the limits of vertical flight and challenging the traditional notion of aviation to solve real-world problems,” says Bell Helicopter’s President and CEO Mitch Snyder.

Phantom Auto Demonstrates First Remote-Controlled Car on Public Roads

phantom auto CES 2018

Phantom Auto demonstrated its remote-controlled car on public roads at CES 2018 in hopes of convincing the skeptical auto manufacturers and regulators in autonomous vehicles of a sturdy backup plan for the AI experiments: old-fashioned human drivers via a remote system.

“An autonomous vehicle company might have a system that works 95 or even 99 percent of the time, but that last 1 percent is a very difficult piece of the puzzle to solve. We’re here to do that hardest part,” says Phantom CEO Shai Magzimof.

Ford announces partnership with Waze for better-connected driving today

While many of the transportation unveilings at CES 2018 are exciting for the future, we appreciated that another one of Ford’s announcements will impact the drivers of today. Ford’s partnership with Waze, a traffic app that navigates drivers out of congestion and road hazards, brings the company closer to their goal of improving transportation for everyone by better connecting drivers and cities. This also means that drivers won’t have to fumble with their phones at the wheel.

With all of these new announcements in transportation at CES 2018, you might be wondering how you can better implement advanced technology in your local carshare operation. Contact us for our technology whitepaper for a well-rounded look at the shared mobility transportation of tomorrow.




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