Bringing shared mobility visions to life.

We build healthier communities by co-creating innovative mobility solutions that increase transportation options, while reducing dependency on private car ownership. We have done so in 70+ projects worldwide.

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Who is movmi?

movmi is an award winning WBE Canada certified (Women Only Business Certification) agency dedicated to reshaping the way people move. Our focus? Designing, planning, and launching shared mobility solutions that span carsharing, micromobility, microtransit, and more.

At the core of our success is our team. We’re a diverse group of professionals from around the world, each bringing a wealth of experience and unique perspectives to the table. This diversity isn’t just a strength, it’s our strategy for crafting equitable and enjoyable shared mobility services. With movmi, you’ll find a blend of professionalism and passion, all aimed at making mobility more accessible and sustainable for communities everywhere.

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Our Services

Boost the Bottom Line

Are you trying to overcome profitability challenges of your shared mobility service?

Shared Mobility services have a reputation of not being financially sustainable. We disagree: it is possible with a mix of cost control and revenue increasing initiatives. Keeping operations lean is part of financial success; yet developing additional revenue streams is the real key to long-term profitability. We have developed business cases and growth strategies for about a dozen shared mobility operators, helped implement them and tracked the success of the recommendations

Smarter Multimodal Mobility Service Ecosystems

Are you looking at integrating shared mobility and public transport into one service offering?

Shared mobility and public transportation naturally complement each other. However, the challenge lies in integrating them in a way that ensures long-term success: it needs to be reliable, affordable, easy to use and engaging. The question is, how can we strike a balance between the physical components and infrastructure with the software layers? For nearly ten years, we have led the way in this area, offering our expertise to clients like Transport for London and TransLink. By focusing on your ultimate vision for your service, we establish intelligent objectives centred on enhancing the customer experience. From there, we craft a detailed product roadmap that logically phases digital features, while at the same time taking considering existing physical infrastructure.

Electrify Cities through Shared Mobility

Committed to electrifying urban transportation in your city? 

Today, the electrification of transportation is really focused on the personally owned car. Yet the true potential for modeshift comes from shared and electric services which adds additional complexity around infrastructure. To inform service expansions, operational realities of the different kind of shared services need to be taken into account. They will drive feasibility, consumer adoption and ultimately profitability. We have supported operators in their service expansion as well as public administrations in adjusting their policy requirements around electric infrastructure placement.

Balanced Shared Mobility Policy

Want shared mobility to thrive in your city?

Shared mobility options are still relatively new and cause many questions and concerns from regulators. The impact they have on cities can be positive – increasing sustainable and affordable modes for all – or negative with cluttered sidewalks, services that are only for the wealthy few or financially struggling operators that leave the market overnight.

Our approach always starts with understanding people’s needs and challenges for shared mobility services. We then engage with local service providers through structure interviews to gain neutral insights into the operational realities. Lastly we collate international best practices of similarly sized cities and policy examples to inform the shared mobility policy recommendations for our clients. This approach benefits the local community and sets shared mobility up for long-term success.

Piloting Shared Mobility Possibilities​

Are you thinking about introducing a shared mobility service but aren’t quite convinced yet?

Shared mobility options are still relatively new and cause many questions and concerns: from financial feasibility to operational challenges we know them all and we have worked through them in real-life projects. We start honing in on a specific use case and the associated customer profiles. Once we understand those really well, we develop quick but solid feasibility studies – often showing clients multiple options. After sign off of resources, we help you establish a pilot project (or Minimal Viable Product) to test the service in real-life. Without intending to sound boastful, it is fair to say that most of the pilot programs we’ve participated in have turned into major success stories within the shared mobility sector.

Consumer Mindshift

Are you looking at converting more vehicle owners to use your service? Or are you wanting to increase your monthly active users? 

We know that people’s transportation behaviours are very sticky, once habits are formed people move around our cities on “autopilot”. But not all is lost: we use behavioural insights to gain an understanding of your existing audience and then help you create strategies that will scale your shared mobility service. It all starts with understanding the current patterns of users (or potential future users) and mapping that against the findings of a behavioural audit of your existing channels. We have helped our clients design a number of interventions – from communication campaigns, wordsmithing content to re-designing product features. We then set up options to test and validate the interventions so our clients know the winning candidate that should be implemented at scale. 

Struggling with profitability of your shared mobility service? Get in touch