Creating the Next Generation of Shared Mobility


Founder, CEO and Shared Mobility Architect

Sandra turns visions into reality: as a Shared Mobility Architect she is in charge of overall service and market strategies.

Sandra has held Senior Management and Executive roles with Daimler, BCAA and BMW and has launched shared mobility systems in more than 10 cities world wide.

She is considered a world-wide expert on the subject, is a TED speaker and has been nominated as Women of Influence in 2017. She is also a regular contributor to various mobility publications.

Sandra is a certified Project Management Professional, holds a Master of Arts from University of Zurich, and has been granted an MBA by TrustForte Corporation in NY.



Business Development Manager

Venkatesh is movmi’s Brand Ambassador: he listens to future shared mobility businesses and finds the right partnerships with our team so that they can reach their full potential.

Having assumed many roles across the automotive industry in customer experience, new business development and strategic planning for 10+ years, Venkatesh understands the nitty-gritty of the business and knows how to cater to our customer’s needs. He adds value to our partners by structuring their ideas, linking it to their operations, modeling the business impact and ensuring successful execution.

Venkatesh holds an engineering degree in automobiles and an MBA in marketing, with experience in working across multiple geographies.


Data Visualization Analyst and Webmaster

Anders is the mathematical and programming wizard of the team: he analyses data sets and visualizes them for our clients.

He has over 10 years of experience as UI/UX designer, developer and visual artist in the gaming industry and has worked for companies such as EA, Disney Interactive and Next Level Games. He has an uncanny ability to organize information in ways that make it understandable to a broad audience.  He has added Data Analysis to his skill set in the last few years and uses his design expertise when visualizing data sets.

Anders holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Cognitive Science and a Certificate in Computer Science.


Research Strategist

Majid knows how to listen to customers: he creates strategic research that analyses the markets and future customers so the products and services we create are built on a sound foundation.

He has over 30 years of experience working in Senior positions at firms such as Ipsos, Farrell Research Group and running his own agency. Majid knows like no other how to optimize research design, implement and gleam insights from marketing data and research. He also knows startups: he setup and grew Market Explorers, a boutique market research firm specializing in communications research. The company was sold to Ipsos ASI in 2002.

Majid holds an MBA in Marketing and is a Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) with the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association of Canada.


Shared Mobility Associate

Galina is an expert in designing and implementing mobility operations from the ground up.

Over the last 10 years, she has led projects within Operations & Finance for multiple fortune 100 companies (McKinsey & Company in Global Procurement & Travel Services, or at Sixt Rent a Car). In her most recent role, Galina helped a California-based technology start up design and expand their community-focused electric vehicle (EV) car sharing services to over 9 markets. Most notably, in the last year Ms. Russell drove the restructuring and execution of two new public grant programs awarded for the deployment of shared EVs and electric vehicle charging station infrastructure into low-income and disadvantaged communities, with a combined value of over $44M.

As an active member of the Global New Mobility Coalition with the World Economic Forum, Galina is passionate about the collaboration between the public and private sector organizations to pioneer the transformation from traditional transportation to modes of shared electric and micro mobility as a service.

Galina is well traveled and multilingual speaking her native Russian and English, as well as advanced Mandarin (Chinese) and Spanish. Ms. Russell holds a B.S. from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in Business Administration and Chinese Language, and a language certificate from Harvard University in Cambridge.


Transit Planning Consultant

Shilpa has 12 years of transit planning experience in Canada and the United States. Her work spans the gamut of transit planning from feasibility studies, system review and redesign, transit infrastructure planning, public consultation and implementation.

In British Columbia, over the past six years, she has worked on a number of rural transit systems, service changes in the TransLink bus network, to, more recently, guiding the planning and implementation of an On-Demand pilot on Bowen Island. In the United States she has worked at, both, the state and municipal level and is knowledgeable about the transit planning context there as well as is familiar with federally funded grant programs.

Her work in transit is guided by the belief that one of the defining characteristics of a vibrant community is a good transit system encompassing a diversity of commuting options.

Shilpa has a Master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from Arizona State University. She is excited about increased synergies between transit and the world of shared mobility.


New Mobility Consultant (Associate)

Volker knows everything about innovation in shared mobility and e-mobility: he creates and implements new mobility solutions that customer want – well embedded in the current ecosystem.

He has over 10 years of business experience in the automotive industry and consultancy. In his last position, head of the department New Mobility at the Porsche Holding, he was responsible for the implementation of carsharing systems and for the market introduction of electric vehicles like the Porsche 918 Spyder, the Volkswagen e-Golf and the Audi A3 etron.

Due to his strong personal belief in the topic, he performed a comprehensive academic research project about the customer acceptance of Peer-to-Peer carsharing systems (PhD studies). 

Volker holds a PhD in Social and Economic Sciences and is currently an external lecturer at the Vienna University of Business and Economics (Mobility Management).


Local Stakeholder Engagement

Robert has 25+ years of experience in transportation, digital transformation and telecommunications. More recently his work has focused on supporting Intelligent Mobility Technologies, Infrastructure and Big Data applied to Ground Transportation and Transit for Advanced and Shared Mobility initiatives.

In the past years he has worked with the States of Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona’s City and Rural Public Transit Agencies, Other States’ Agencies and Transit Associations, and Universities, Research Institutions and Enterprise dealing with concerns related to Electric and Autonomous Vehicle and Infrastructure Pilots and Living Labs development – Smart Transportation City and Rural initiatives. In particular he has supported a new Dallas-based ridesharing start-up (Alto) and their driver operations, platform vendors and NEMT partner. He has also supported Operations and Public/Private partnering for an Uptown Dallas, TX Connector-Circulator Microtransit Pilot working with Austin-based electric cab concern. eCab North America is a leader in Urban Mobility on Demand, specializing in First/Last Mile options supporting multiple use cases using low-speed electric vehicles.

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