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sandra profile


Shared Mobility Architect, Founder and CEO

As a Shared Mobility Architect, Sandra turns visions into reality one shared mobility service at a time. As Founder and CEO, Sandra is responsible for the overall vision and strategy of movmi. 

Sandra has lead the launches of numerous carshares, several micromobility (e-moped, e-bike) services and a complex mobility-as-a-service program integrating public transit with carshare and bikeshare. 

Sandra has held Senior Management and Executive roles with Daimler, BCAA and BMW, is considered a world-wide expert on the subject, a TED speaker emeritus and has been nominated for numerous awards. She is also a regular contributor to various mobility publications.

Sandra is a certified Project Management Professional, holds a Master of Arts from University of Zurich, and has been granted an MBA by TrustForte Corporation in NY.


venkatesh profile


Partnership and Business Development Manager 

Venkatesh is movmi’s Brand Ambassador: he listens to future shared mobility businesses and finds the right partnerships with our team so that they can reach their full potential.

Having assumed many roles across the automotive industry in customer experience, new business development and strategic planning for 10+ years, Venkatesh understands the nitty-gritty of the business and knows how to cater to our customer’s needs. He adds value to our partners by structuring their ideas, linking it to their operations, modeling the business impact and ensuring successful execution.

Venkatesh holds an engineering degree in automobiles and an MBA in marketing, with experience in working across multiple geographies.

anders profile


Data Engineer and UX Expert

Anders is the mathematical and programming wizard of the team: he analyses data sets and visualizes them for our clients.

He has over 10 years of experience as UI/UX designer, developer and visual artist in the gaming industry and has worked for companies such as EA, Disney Interactive and Next Level Games. He has an uncanny ability to organize information in ways that make it understandable to a broad audience.  He has added Data Analysis to his skill set in the last few years and uses his design expertise when visualizing data sets.

Anders holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Cognitive Science and a Certificate in Computer Science.

shilpa profile


Transit Planning Associate

Shilpa has 12 years of transit planning experience in Canada and the United States. Her work spans the gamut of transit planning from feasibility studies, system review and redesign, transit infrastructure planning, public consultation and implementation.

In British Columbia, over the past six years, she has worked on a number of rural transit systems, service changes in the TransLink bus network, to, more recently, guiding the planning and implementation of an On-Demand pilot on Bowen Island. In the United States she has worked at, both, the state and municipal level and is knowledgeable about the transit planning context there as well as is familiar with federally funded grant programs.

Her work in transit is guided by the belief that one of the defining characteristics of a vibrant community is a good transit system encompassing a diversity of commuting options.

Shilpa has a Master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from Arizona State University. She is excited about increased synergies between transit and the world of shared mobility.

antonio loro


Urban Planner Associate

Antonio specializes in helping cities harness the potential and manage the impacts of emerging transport technologies and trends. He has worked in Policy at TransLink as well as a Research Advisor for the Road Safety Research Office at the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario. A key focus is micromobility, where he brings a transport planning lens. He has developed the launch plan for a kickscooter service provider defining launch area, fleet size and parking corrals.

In addition, Antonio worked with TransLink and Metrolinx to conduct the first transport planning research in Canada on the impacts of automated (or “autonomous”) vehicles, and has also worked on these issues with the City of Edmonton, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, and others. He has given talks on vehicle automation to audiences from Barcelona to Bowen Island, and he has written on the subject for publications such as MIT’s Undark and the Detroit News.

Antonio holds a Master of Urban Planning degree from McGill University.

majid profile


Research Strategy Associate

Majid knows how to listen to customers: he creates strategic research that analyses the markets and future customers so the products and services we create are built on a sound foundation.

He has over 30 years of experience working in Senior positions at firms such as Ipsos, Farrell Research Group and running his own agency. Majid knows like no other how to optimize research design, implement and gleam insights from marketing data and research. He also knows startups: he setup and grew Market Explorers, a boutique market research firm specializing in communications research. The company was sold to Ipsos ASI in 2002.

Majid holds an MBA in Marketing and is a Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) with the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association of Canada.

balakrishnan profile


Senior Research Analyst

Having worked as a Senior Research Analyst in the Automotive & Transportation sector, Balakrishnan has been involved in analyzing the future of various upcoming business models and technology in the automotive space, such as light weighting, digital retail and smart mobility. He also has experience designing and prototyping an electric three wheeled cargo vehicle for the local municipality in India.

Balakrishnan has a technical background with a Bachelors and Masters in automotive engineering.

aoife profile


Social Media and Content Manager

Aoife specializes in optimizing a brand’s online presence through content creation and social media management strategies. With 8 years experience in digital marketing, Aoife has worked with a broad cross-section of clients from different industries in both Ireland and Canada, including hospitality, technology, e-commerce, transportation, sales and more.

Aoife’s finger is on the pulse when it comes to online trends and applies them to movmi’s network by creating visually engaging and informative content on both our website and social media platforms.

Aoife holds a BSc Honors degree in Architecture and a BA degree in Creative Imaging and Visual Communication.

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