Creating the Next Generation of Shared Mobility

Who We Are

Shared mobility provides users with short-term access to a vehicle, whether it’s a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, bus or car. It is a better way to get from point A to point B by using resources vastly more efficiently, avoiding over-investment in vehicles and infrastructure. Shared mobility will maximize the value and minimize the pitfalls associated with electric, autonomous and other new transportation innovations.


movmi is an award winning WBE Canada certified (Women Only Business Certification) boutique agency specialized in Shared Mobility Architecture: the design, planning and launch of new shared mobility services. Our work spans research, education and the co-creation of new shared mobility services. 

Our team has deep expertise in all aspects of shared mobility architecture and to date we have been involved in over 60 shared mobility projects worldwide. Our clients range from public agencies (e.g TransLink, City of Calgary, CCA, CUTA) to the private sector (e.g BMW, Bosch, Volvo, HP Group) to the new mobility startup world (e.g ekar, Karhoo, Revel).

Part of movmi’s mission from day one was to increase diversity and inclusion in designing shared mobility services. We are an official signatory of the United Nation’s #weempower principles and have amplified and fostered dialogues and programs around inclusion and diversity for the past 5 years. Our own team is gender, racially and experience diverse, meaning our clients are able to create services that appeal to a larger user demographic and thus are more resilient. 

Join us in creating the next generation of shared mobility. 

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