Creating the Next Generation of Shared Mobility

Who We Are

Shared mobility is a better way to get from point A to point B. It is making safe, efficient, convenient and affordable transportation more widely available, societally and globally. It uses resources vastly more efficiently, avoiding over-investment in vehicles and infrastructure. Shared mobility will maximize the value and minimize the pitfalls associated with electric, autonomous and other new transportation innovations.

movmi is an award winning boutique agency specialised in Shared Mobility Architecture: the planning, implementation and launch of new shared mobility services. We are a lean and nimble consultancy and have spearheaded the launch of companies such as Evo, or BMW’s ReachNow. With projects completed in more than 10 cities across the world, movmi is driving change towards more liveable cities in North American, Europe and Middle Eastern markets.

We describe ourselves as co-designers of shared mobility services and solutions. We’re helping to shape a future in which shared mobility will increasingly drive urban design, and in which multiple modes and technologies will be woven together into ever-more powerful services.

We are visionaries and analysts, change agents and numbers crunchers, conceptual thinkers and proof testers. We believe in the profound importance of shared mobility and understand the practical realities and business opportunities associated with it. Our team has deep expertise in all aspects of shared mobility architecture and is driven by a collective “Gett’r Done” attitude.

Join us in creating the next generation of shared mobility.

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