A Brief Introduction To Micromobility: E-Learning Course

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new online learning course we created in collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology‘s Urban Mobility Academy: ‘A Brief Introduction to Micromobility.’

While micromobility is quickly becoming one of the most desirable modes for people to move around in cities throughout the world, often these services (specifically e-scooter sharing services) are seen as a thorn in the side of city planners. Despite widespread popularity, we have seen the removal of numerous micromobility companies from our streets and even now, the city of Paris is mulling over a decision to ban e-scooters entirely. 

It is this tricky, and ever changing landscape, that micromobility providers and operators need to navigate correctly, if they wish to create a successful service in 2023. We address these issues and more in our new, completely free, e-learning course. Keep reading for an overview of the course. 👇

A Brief Introduction To Micromobility

Course Overview

Join us as we explore how micromobility fits into the overall urban mobility landscape, what the opportunities and challenges for micromobility providers are and how policies and operations can work together seamlessly. We also take a look at the emerging trends that will influence the future of micromobility in 2023 and beyond.

Module Breakdown

Questions Answered

Module 1:

Think Small

  • What are the different types of micromobility offerings?
  • What are the different business micromobility business models?
  • What is the impact of micromobility on users, communities and the environment?

Module 2:

Mind The Gap

  • What is the exponential growth of micromobility in Europe?
  • What are the opportunities: looking at the different types of micromobility services and their use cases
  • What are the challenges: Case studies that focus on issues that impact users (accidents, rules of the road, equity, shared path usage.)

Module 3:

Regulating Micromobility

  • What is the legislation for micromobility vehicles?
  • How to create effective rider education and safety communication?
  • How to ensure equity and accessibility requirements are met?
  • What infrastructure development is required?
  • What is a realistic quality standard for providers? (KPIs, data sharing, operations etc)

Module 4:

Micro Adjustments

  • What are the smartest micromobility vehicles on the road? 
  • TDM, mobility budget and corporate mobility
  • How does micromobility work within multimodality? 

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand what micromobility is and its impacts (both positive and negative) in our communities. 
  • Learn which user segments are neglected and how that could be addressed through relevant case studies. 
  • Review all areas where policy plays a role and look at best practices.
  • Gain an overview of the trends that will impact micromobility in the near future. 
  • Bonus: You’ll walk away with a handful of downloadable guides (i.e policy best practices, impact of integrated transportation) and, if you choose, a certificate of completion.

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