Insight: Reflections on Carsharing by Modo CEO Patrick Nangle

Modo CEO Patrick Nangle

Learning about the world and industry of carsharing is better encountered with a combination of working on it from the inside and using it as a consumer from the outside. Which is why we were so intrigued to learn about Modo CEO Patrick Nangle’s opinion and insights into the world of carsharing.

You can read the full article from on the Modo blog here.

About Patrick Nangle

Patrick Nangle has been Modo’s CEO for one year in our home city of Vancouver, having previously led Purolator as CEO for three and a half years, a $1.6 billion operation with 11,000 employees and a fleet of 4,000 vehicles. Years before that, Patrick headed Neopost’s operations in the Americas, with sales in the $500 million range.

Carsharing Insights from Modo CEO Patrick Nangle

What does being CEO of one of a growing carsharing company provide in terms of insights and learning? We were thrilled to learn of a few of Patrick’s insights, which include:

  • Now is a pivotal moment in the evolution of carsharing. The world is progressively awakening to the benefits that early carsharing programs like Modo can offer, and we’re beginning to realize that carsharing complements public transit, biking and walking to free many from the burden of car ownership and create a lifestyle of greater freedom – both financially and in terms of time.
  • Carsharing provides improved personal economics and reduced environmental impacts. Lesser pollution and more financial freedom are just two of some of the most important impacts of the growing carsharing industry.
  • Well-funded and highly motivated service and technology providers are the catalysts to the rapid growth of carsharing. It’s the behind the scenes service and tech providers that deserve credit for the user experiences on carsharing memberships, and therefore deserve credit for the rapid growth of the carsharing industry as a whole. This applies to everything from station-based carsharing to free floating carsharing, as well as peer-to-peer carsharing, ridesharing, ride-hailing, carpooling, on-demand transit, and autonomous vehicles.
  • Public transit system operators and local governments are pro-actively supporting carsharing. Both have realized the significant mutual benefit that come from collaboration and co-operation with carsharing.

So, what does all this mean?

While the insights from the CEO of Modo are highly optimistic, there still remains much work to be done in creating a significant impact that the world craves. And in Patrick’s words:

“Yes, Canada has seen four consecutive years of record new vehicle sales and there remains much to be done. At the same time though, Modo, and carsharing generally, is growing even faster. An unstoppable tidal wave of change is building, propelled by lifestyle affordability challenges, climate change realities and big investments in technology. I expect these next few years will be very exciting and am optimistic about what we can achieve together as we continue to make carsharing available to more people in more places.”

Be sure to check out the full article on the Modo blog here. And if you have questions about the growth of the carsharing industry, feel free to contact us!

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