Covid-19 Taskforce: Shared Mobility Panel (Part Two) with Jacob Greig, Michelle Ciddio, Melvin Justice, Alex Slaymaker, Esteban Sanchez and Bobby Lauterjung

This week’s Covid-19 Taskforce micro webinar is hosted by Jacob Greig, Vice President of the Americas at Liftango who is joined by Michelle Ciddio, Global Travel, Meeting & Sourcing Professional at Ikea, Melvin Justice, Senior Project Manager at Tesla, Alex Slaymaker, Smart Mobility Adoption Manager at Smart Columbus, Esteban Sanchez, Co-Founder of Commutifi and Bobby Lauterjung, Executive Director of Beeline Mobility.

In this webinar highlight reel, they discuss how COVID-19 has affected the day-to-day operations within their companies, what measures have been taken to ensure a safe workplace for employees and what they expect to see happen in the mobility landscape throughout the rest of 2020.

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Covid-19 Taskforce: Shared Mobility Panel (Part Two) with Jacob Greig, Michelle Ciddio, Melvin Justice, Alex Slaymaker, Esteban Sanchez and Bobby Lauterjung


  • Tesla has been able to understand and really take a look at how the world’s reacting to COVID-19 and has responded accordingly. They’ve leveraged successful pieces of their chain, such as Tesla Shanghai, the epicentre of the pandemic, and then emulated any kind of measures that produced positive results. With so many different outfits in the company they have faced many issues including things like getting employees to work and when they get there how to ensure their safety. They laid a roadmap for success that was implemented across all their locations, which is now in a playbook that anyone can access online.
  • One of the biggest trends coming out of the pandemic will be people continuing to work from home, now that we seen how successful it has been. This will obviously have a pretty big impact on transportation and it might open up more opportunities for people with diverse life situations. Companies will now have to consider how to make this really successful on a micro level and how to formalize these programs.
  • Ikea historically is a very planned and prepared company but the energy has changed and has become exceptionally innovated with their COVID-19 strategies and implementations.
  • At Tesla, every facility has state of the art digital temp scanners. The employees work on a rotating schedule with PPE, the social distancing measure are impeccable. They doubled down with van pools making them all COVID compliant. They are offering employees biking to work, a biking to work incentive. They receive $15 per day. They also opened up shared biking facilities and their shuttles are at half capacity with sneeze guards in every row.
  • There is a real fear for public transit and carpool. Data actually shows that only 23% of employees are comfortable right now with public transit and only 26% are comfortable with carpool.
  • Data-driven, honest science-based, easy-to-understand communications from leadership and managers consistently is key for workers to feel safe, for them to feel like they know what’s going on for them to to really feel in tune with the organization. For example some CEOS are hosting weekly podcasts so that their employees can feel connected to the company and their thing as it evolves.
  • Commutifi have released a white paper and, using data, started offering employers a free baseline analysis on commuting and helping employers understand what’s their current status of commuting and what are the impact of different programs.
  • 2020 is going to be the year that mobility sheds its skin and evolves. It is going to be the year shared mobility reaches its peak actually, whether that’s public transit or more active transportation modes. It will be the year that this narrative, this story actually becomes tangible and relevant for everybody, with renewed focus on equity. It will be the year of sustainable and resilient mobility and the year that shared and micro mobility moves from being a ‘should’ to a ‘must’.

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