EmpowerWISM 2024: Introducing The Judges

Each year, we are very grateful to have an EmpowerWISM jury with a rich mix of top-notch, diverse experts from the transportation world, and this year is no exception. This year’s jury panel each bring their own unique skills and experiences from both the public and private arenas. Our goal was to bring together men and women who are not just leaders in their fields but also passionate advocates for women’s programs, pushing for equality and inclusivity, especially when it comes to mobility.

Keep reading for a short recap of our EmpowerWISM and to find out the industry experts who will sit on this years judging panel. 

What is EmpowerWiSM?

Dedicated to celebrating and advancing women in the transportation sector, EmpowerWISM is more than just an awards program; it’s a movement towards diversity and inclusion. Despite women comprising a significant part of the global workforce, their representation in transportation is strikingly low. Women hold only 20% of jobs in the global transportation industry. Yet, studies show companies with more women in senior roles see up to a 50% increase in profits and performance.

EmpowerWISM is not just about recognizing achievements; it’s about changing the industry landscape and paving the way for equitable, gender-balanced transportation systems. 💪

Meet the EmpowerWiSM 2024 Judges

Stephanie Medeiros

Stephanie has helped to shape the future of e-mobility throughout Canada and around the world. As a recipient of Canada’s 2023 Clean50 award, she is recognized as one of the country’s leaders in advancing clean energy and reducing environmental impact. Stephanie is also an active advocate for women in STEM and a proud SheEO Activator, supporting and celebrating women-led ventures working on the world’s to do list.

Adam Hill

Editor | ITS International

A self-confessed transport geek, Adam is a public transportation user by instinct, a highly-skilled pedestrian and occasional motorist. He looks back at holiday photos from his teenage years onwards and now realises that many of them involve traffic and transit rather than just ‘nice views’. The culmination of this borderline obsession was taking over the editorship of ITS International six years ago. Traffic nerds assemble!

Pam Cooley

Executive Director | Carsharing Association

Pam has been working in transportation for over 15 years. She founded and built a successful carsharing company from scratch in 2008, in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. Pam is a professional facilitator specializing in multi-sectoral, controversial issues, strategic planning and community engagement for over 40 years. She’s also the executive Director of the CSA Carsharing Association and consultant/advisor for carsharing start ups and local government’s implementation of mobility options.

Sergio Avelleda

Urban Mobility Consultant

Sergio Avelleda is an urban Mobility consultant with Urucuia: Mobilidade Urbana, former Secretary of Urban Mobility and Transports in Sao Paulo, and former President of Subway Company and Suburban Trains Company in São Paulo.

Monalisha Thakur

CMO & Co-Founder at TUMMOC

Monalisha is the CMO and Co-Founder of Tummoc, India’s first and only patented transit tech application. She has over 11 years of experience in high-pressure sales at renowned companies such as HCL, Harman, Crestron, and Christie. With a background finely tuned for entrepreneurial challenges, Monalisha is dedicated to building MaaS and crafting a smart commute experience for India. Beyond her professional endeavours, she balances roles as a mother, wife, poet, singer, and creative thinker, embodying versatility and a commitment to positively impacting commuters’ lives.

Sandra Phillips

Founder & CEO, movmi

Sandra is a world-wide expert in shared mobility and at movmi, she has worked on over 70 international projects. She has won the TED Next Visionary and BC Business Change Maker Awards and is also a Clean50 Honoree. Sandra is a TED alumni speaker and also teaches at universities to share what she has learnt on her shared mobility journey.

2024 Winner Prize Package

This year’s prize package is currently valued at 25k USD and includes:

Provided by movmi:
  • The winner will be awarded a valuable pro-bono consultancy package, meticulously tailored to foster growth and assist in securing investment. 
movmi logo
  • A startup package with AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO which includes promotional marketing and a start-up stand at the March event in Paris, this year.
Provided by INVERS:
  • Return flights to Paris to attend AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO generously provided by INVERS.
Provided by CompassIOT:
Provided by ITS International:

Assessment Criteria

The intake form has a series of short questions that allow you to showcase your vision, product/service and business. The judges will then assess each application based on the following categories: vision, leadership and innovation. We have built out a subset of questions that we’ll use to guide our evaluation;


  • Is the venture majority women owned or controlled or managed?
  • How well is the vision articulated?
  • Is the vision aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Does the solution support efforts around transportation equity?



  • How well demonstrated is your market know-how?
  • What are the unique strengths of your team?
  • What’s your growth strategy?
  • Is the solution super specific to one city/community or has potential to scale?


  • What’s unique about your product/service?
  • Is ‘technology’ one of your innovation pillars?
  • What need does your product/service solve in the transportation value chain?

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