Life on Wheels Film: A Story of the Coming Mobility Revolution

Life on Wheels Documentary Mobility Revolution

The single biggest questions that inspire a mobility revolution are these: what is the reality of car ownership and what is the impact on the world? In honour of Earth Day happening next week (April 22nd) we wanted to shed some light on this topic through an extremely powerful movement called Life on Wheels.

What is Life on Wheels film?

Life on Wheels tells the extraordinary story of a culture experiencing a revolution that will transform our economy, our environment and the rhythms of our everyday lives. In this feature-length documentary, the Hodges take viewers on a journey through the future-scapes of transportation and the implications for human society. It touches our core values of happiness, freedom, health, ​safety, and how we spend our time and money. This future will shape our cities and economies across the globe.

The film brings together disparate voices in a fresh, coherent conversation about transportation. Telling the story through the eyes of experts and real families and households, they paint pictures of potential futures based on new social movements and lifestyle trends, game-changing technologies, and new business models.

Life on Wheels is currently running an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds and awareness to complete the project. If you want to know what experts in the industry and beyond are part of it, you can see a full list of them here.

What is the coming mobility revolution?

The coming mobility revolution is a shift in the way society gets from point A to point B. The film depicts an entire industry and infrastructure on the edge of disruption. Just as in the computer industry during the 80s, new technologies are coming online faster than people can figure out how to apply them. No one, including businesses, citizens, and policymakers, knows the new and future rules of transportation, and what will be the new future of this societal and personal need. The film shows the failing viability and the glory myths of the current, outdated mobility systems that exist today, giving urgency to the transformation.

“The two opposing autonomous vehicle projections are that most households will retain at least one personal vehicle and that almost no-one will bother to own one because it will be so cheap and convenient to dial-a-robocab. While the on-demand scenario occurs to many thought-leaders as preferable, this is neither guaranteed to occur, nor has it been determined how such fleets might be governed to achieve a high level of optimization with respect to time, energy and fleet size.”


The First Film of Its Kind

As you may already be aware of, there aren’t too many films out there that are like Life on Wheels. This is another reason why it’s so important to get the message out there in the minds of the mainstream, and this is the perfect time for that to occur. For another look at transportation in terms of biking, we recommend the Modacity Documentary called Why We Bike.

Be sure to contribute to the cause of brining the Life on Wheels film to life and supporting the mobility revolution here, and by all means, take a load off the driver seat (and instead jump on your bike) in honour of Earth Day next week. Get in touch with us here to see how you can be more involved in the mobility revolution.

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