Berlin’s City Car Summit is Happening Next Week!

Next week movmi travels to Berlin, Germany to participate in Automotive Knowledge Associates’ City Car Summit, a conference focused on carsharing, cities, and MaaS (mobility as a service). We’re incredibly excited to not only attend the conference but to contribute as well, and we’d like to take this opportunity here on the blog to give readers a sneak peak.

Together with our research partner Inov360 Sandra Phillips will launch the Shared Mobility City Index at the conference in a presentation (we refer to it as the “SMCI”).  Fifty-six cities in Europe and North America were studied and ranked against shared mobility benchmarks, providing entrepreneurs, academics, and city planners alike with a helpful reference for their own work.  We’re very excited to announce the completion and availability of the SMCI next week.  Which city in Europe do you think is naturally best-suited for shared mobility services?  Tweet us if you have a guess.

Happening on the second day of the conference is a panel discussion on carsharing and its technology led by Emily Fleck.  The panel is a mix of three technology providers (Mobiag the startup, venerable industry stalwart Invers, and peer-to-peer platform Tamyca), one operator (Respiro CarSharing of Madrid), and the founder of two large independent Canadian carshares (Kevin McLaughlin).  With such a wide range of perspectives, the conversation is sure to get interesting, plus Emily rarely shys away from asking blunt questions.  Grab your coffee and join us at 9AM for the talk.

Finally, movmi has been hard at work this winter producing a definitive car sharing operations manual.  This document is the result of a collaborative effort by movmi, and it aims to provide practical insight to running a round-trip or one-way CSO.  We feel that doing the day-to-day work of running a CSO (often hard, thankless work!) is, when executed well, just as effective in growing a new CSO as a smart marketing campaign.  Our hope is that this manual, when tailored to fit a unique market and business philosophy, is an indispensable tool for the shared mobility executive and her entire staff!  If you’re attending City Car Summit next week, please visit our expo table as we’ll have complimentary booklets that contain excerpts of our manual; do come by and let our work speak for itself.

Safe travels to all the attendees and see you there!

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