Member Experience with ReachNow Car Sharing in Seattle

ReachNow car sharing in Seattle

ReachNow is Seattle’s most recent car sharing company with a fleet of sleek BMWs. ReachNow is drastically improving the urban mobility of Seattle while adding a more luxurious way to car share. Alexa took a ReachNow ride to the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal, to visit the island just off the coast of Seattle, and back for dinner with friends in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood.

The Registration Process

Before riding with ReachNow, you need to register as a member and be approved by sending in a copy of your driver’s history. Once approved, you will be sent a member key card in the mail, but as soon as your approval is granted, you can start using ReachNow with their mobile app.

Using the ReachNow App

We love the ReachNow mobile app, which is quick and efficient, allowing you to select the type of car you want to drive – a BMW, i3, or MINI – and then giving you 30 minutes of reservation time before you start your trip. The walking distance (in minutes) to each vehicle on the map is provided on the app, which we found to be especially helpful.

The Fleet of ReachNow BMWs

Far superior in their range of vehicles than any car share program we’ve experienced to date, we discovered ReachNow’s vehicles to be one of their greatest advantages. Their fleet includes a range of BMWs, electric i3s, and MINIs, including a four-door MINI Clubman.

Parking a ReachNow

With a unique free-floating city parking permit, parking a ReachNow in Seattle was extremely easy and efficient. We particularly love how you can park a ReachNow in a metered spot without paying for that stall, and when the vehicle is parked, the rate per minute is reduced from 41 to 30 cents/minute.

If you are interested in learning more about our member experience of ReachNow or want to discuss more, please contact us.

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