movmi Participates at ConCar Expo: Latest Trends in the Automobile Industry

concar expo

With the automotive industry rapidly changing more than ever before, it is important stay up to date on the challenges the space faces, learn how startups and large conglomerates are addressing them and discuss the future of the industry.

Thus, movmi decided to fly out to Berlin to participate in the ConCar Expo to become knowledgeable in these areas. The ConCar Expo offers delegates the opportunity to listen to various presentations and interact with a breadth of companies.

We wanted to share with you our key-takeaways from the conference. The presentations listed below highlight the key takeaways we learned from ConCar Expo.


Johann Jungwirth of Volkswagen AG gave a passionate opening speech about autonomous vehicles future and how we can influence it. While there will be many components to successfully implement autonomous vehicles, the key success factor is to approach it from a human perspective, as opposed to an engineering capability perspective.

Johann coins the concept as focusing more on “human thinking” instead of “design thinking”.

 He outlined human thinking into 8 components:

  • Emotion – Does it touch people? Do people enjoy it?
  • Beauty – Is it beautiful and does it show that we care?
  • Innovation – Does it solve people’s problems?
  • Intelligence – Is it a smart solution?
  • Integrity – Is it the right thing to do?
  • Life – Does it improve people’s life?
  • Society – Does it move society forward?
  • Sustainability – Does it preserve our planet?

To learn more about these topics, listen here to listen to the full presentation.


Ciwan Gouwa from SYSGO provides a framework for how operators should prevent cyberattacks. At a high-level, companies should observe the Total Integration Path, perform a Total Cost Analysis and provide easy, robust and cost effective ways to update processes.

To prevent cyberattacks, systems need to be safe and secure. Safety is defined as the system not being able to harm the environment (e.g. passengers will stay alive and be unharmed when transporting in an aircraft from start to end destination). Security is defined as the environment not being be capable to harm the system (i.e. information shall only be read/written by authorized subjects).

During this presentation, Ciwan reviews common challenges in cyber-physical-systems:

  • Functionality density is increasing
  • Heterogeneous information flows
  • High assurance for critical ECUs

The implications for this means that operators need proper separation paths and information flows, as well it is important to control functionalities and information flows. There also needs to be a proper compositional certification approach.

To learn more about cyberattacks, compositional certification and the safety & security software lifecycle click here.

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