movmi partners with BFC and Studio


movmi is pleased to announce two new partners, Bob Farrow and Alexa Suter.

Bob Farrow is founder and Managing Director of BFC Consulting, a niche consulting business specialising in the automotive and corporate travel industry based in Dubai. Bob and Sandra have collaborated on launching EKar in March 2016, a station-based carsharing operator based in the UAE. EKar has partnered with Etihad and Emirate airlines and provides carsharing to their crew members. Recently, EKar has been legislated by the RTA (Road Transportation Authority) to extend the hourly service to the public, after winning RTA’s Smart Car Rental/Sharing franchises. EKar has also been nominated #1 startup to note by Forbes UAE. Both, Sandra and Bob are part of EKar’s board of advisors.

Alexa Suter is the founder of Studio Suite, a Vancouver-based social media agency, specialised in social media strategy and inbound marketing. Alexa is a social media whizz, understands life style brands and creates copy and content that appeal to carsharing members. Alexa and Sandra have collaborated on a social media campaign and content creation for ReachNow, carsharing by BMW to increase followers and brand awareness during the initial months.

movmi is excited to be working with Bob Farrow and Alexa Suter and is looking forward to more successful projects together.

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