New Multimodal App Just Launched in Metro Vancouver

We are excited to announce the next step in our collaboration with TransLink to enhance Metro Vancouver’s urban transport. From the onset, the mission has been clear – to help create a seamless, integrated transportation experience for the community. Our partnership kicked off in 2019, when we teamed up with TransLink, Modo, Evo, and Vancouver Bike Share (mobi by Rodgers) to launch the Shared Mobility Compass Card Pilot, to test the feasibility and acceptance of a multimodal travel system that could offer a more efficient and enjoyable commuting experience. 

Fast forward to just last week, and we’ve hit the ground running with phase two, introducing a new app named RideLink. This tool is set to streamline the way we plan, book, and pay for transit, carshare, and bikeshare services, making getting around not just easier, but a whole lot smoother.

Keep reading for a recap of the outcomes of phase one and learn more about the exciting features of the RideLink app!

multimodal app in metro vancouver

Multimodal App Launched in Metro Vancouver

Phase One: Laying the Groundwork

The Shared Mobility Compass Card Pilot launched in 2019. Its aim was to integrate various transportation modes in Metro Vancouver, including public transit, carshare, and bikeshare, through a unique card system for work-related travel. The pilot involved 161 employees from 13 employers, resulting in 6,000 trips. The goal was to provide more choices and convenience, understand customer needs, and influence mode choice.  Despite the COVID-19 impact, the pilot highlighted a significant interest in multimodal travel, with positive user feedback and a notable shift in travel behavior. 

During the pilot, which ran from October 2019 to August 2020, some of the key outcomes included:

High Trial Rate:

75% of all users tried the services at least once. Out of those, 91% tried it and “came back for more”. Almost 30% were considered heavy users with more than 36 trips throughout the pilot.

Shift in Commuter Travel Behaviour:

60% of survey respondents agreed that they replaced the use of a personal vehicle by transit, carshare or bike share during the Shared Mobility Pilot. 56% of respondents claimed they changed their work-related travel behaviour by trying a new mode or combining different modes in the one journey.

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Positive Feedback

Prior to the pandemic, more than 50% of all participants would recommend the Shared Mobility Compass Card to their colleagues. Unfortunately, COVID-19 significantly impacted these results. Due to social distancing measures and an uneasiness around safety when traveling, 84% of users started working full-time or part time from home.

However by the end of the program (originally planned for May 2020 but extended to August 2020) 70% of respondents claimed they would make positive referrals to other colleagues – surpassing even the initial results collected at the beginning of the pilot.

82% of respondents provided top scores on the Shared Mobility Pilot overall and 95% claimed that they would join the program if there was a subsequent phase.

You can learn more details about phase one of the Shared Mobility Compass Card pilot in this article ‘Translink’s Shared Mobility Compass Card Pilot: The Report.’

If you’re interested in learning more about how to successfully integrate shared services like micromobility or carshare into your public transportation systems, we recommend downloading one of our free resources:

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Phase Two: Introducing the RideLink app

Last week TransLink announced the launch of the RideLink app. The new app in collaboration with Modo, Evo, and Mobi by Rogers brings together transit, carshare, and bikeshare services. The app makes planning, booking, and paying for trips easier and more convenient. movmi’s role in this phase of the project was to manage the entire stakeholder group and led product vision and implementation. Plus we secured 0.5 million federal grant funding for TransLink.

TransLink is accepting applications for 1,300 people to test the new multi-modal app over a trial period and will eliminate the need for using several different apps or websites to provide a truly multi-modal experience. 

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The RideLink app features:  

  • Trip planning with transit, carshare, and bikeshare options with real-time information about vehicle and bike locations.   
  • Simple booking and payments for carshare and bikeshare services. 
  • Easy registration for Evo, Modo, and Mobi Bike services. 
  • An upgraded Compass Card to tap into transit, Evo, and Modo vehicles as well as Mobi Bikes at bikeshare stations.  
  • There are over 200,000 registered users of bikeshare and carshare in Metro Vancouver, this new app will allow users to easily transfer between transit and each mode, with the goal of encouraging even more users to consider multi-modal journeys.  

TransLink will gather feedback from participants over a one-year period on the usability and ease of integration between the services. This feedback will determine whether the app will become permanent in the future.  

All stakeholders involved are delighted that phase two is underway and are also celebrating the progress and collaborative effort. They are eagerly looking forward to the outcomes of this phase, optimistic about the potential to revolutionize multi-modal transport in Metro Vancouver.

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Photo: Members of the team in charge of the Shared Mobility Compass Card/RideLink celebrating the launch of phase 2 


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