Partner Spotlight: Mobito, Eccocar & Commutifi

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What’s Mobito? Where does it fit in the urban mobility space?

Mobito helps enterprises build their data ecosystems by monetizing their own data and accessing third party data through an advanced Data Exchange Platform. This product is focused on automating the matchmaking and data interactions between users and unlocking the value of internal and third party data. With its capability, Mobito has developed a data coverage of:

  • vehicle data from 6 million vehicles with a global footprint
  • data from a wider range of sources covering road regulation and urban mobility activity
  • and global weather and air quality coverage. New data providers post listed here.
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What kind of players stand to benefit from/utilize Mobito?

Data consumers: Insurers and OEMs benefit from streamlining their access to third party data providers. Through the Mobito platform they save time in sourcing, integrating and maintaining connections with third party providers while enjoying centralised billing, consumption analytics and alerts. The platform provides telematics vehicle data to R&D projects including duty cycle analysis and hybrid engine optimisation to OEMs. As for Insurance providers, the platform helps in motor risk model data enrichment and automating claims processing through data access.

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Data owners: We empower data owners to convert their data into data products. This way mobility and weather data owners access a more control and safer way of sharing data. Specifically, data products have embedded data access management and data anonymization tools. 

How does it solve pain points for cities and operators?

By making data readily available and providing the tools for data to be better exchanged and monetised we allow cities to understand the mobility activity of urban environments and mobility operators to execute their services better. For example, cities may choose to publish bus data (open data) that can then be incorporated in routing and map apps. Similarly, an infrastructure company may access vehicle and mobile phone probe data to understand how many people and cars pass by a specific area to estimate the impact of some infrastructure work. Insurers can build more contextual and personalised products by accessing mobility and weather data.

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What’s Eccocar? What differentiates its value to the shared mobility operators?

Eccocar provides a tech stack to rent car agencies, car dealerships, & urban mobility operators for them to launch their shared mobility projects: A white label app for their users for reserving the vehicles (cars, mopeds, kick-scooters, bikes), access to them & pay for the service. An admin panel for the fleet managers in order to monitor reservations, users, cars, billing, vehicle inspection, etc. & processed analytic data of their digital services for improving the service (heatmaps, efficiency, retention charts). 

Eccocar supports them in the launch, scale, operations & marketing, so they achieve operational excellence, profitability. Eccocar gives them the option of offering to the end user multi vehicle service & different reservation methods (free floating & roundtrip) from the same app. All of it with a platform that allows in the near future the continuous addition of new services around the vehicle in order to give more mobility options to the end user (i.e. subscriptions, ride hailing, autonomous).

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How does your solution help in day-to-day operations and optizimizing financials?

Our customers can benefit from the latest SW updates and add-ons in real time with Eccocar Mobility Operating System (eMOS), moreover Eccocar is an agnostic platform to the kind of vehicle that is being used and shared, as well as the end application (B2B, B2B2C, B2C), offering to mobility operators modularization that helps fine tuning the pricing, helping the marketing and sales processes. Additionally, customers are able to do their own developments according to their operational needs and integrate them through technology to the platform. 

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Having launched projects in more than 10 countries, Eccocar’s experience helps clients to grow their business in a more flexible and agile approach.

How does it solve end-user (driver) & operator pain points in shared mobility?

Eccocar seeks with its technology to make the relationship easier and more friendly between the end user and the mobility operators, through a user experience that facilitates and speeds up their registration on the platform, guarantees transparency from the beginning to the end of the trip. (in everything related to rates, fuel, damages, billing), and have sufficient resources to receive customer service or want to report any feedback or incident.

From the mobility operator’s point of view, Eccocar seeks to be a shoulder-to-shoulder partner to boost the business by capturing the end user analytics from the beginning and allowing them to navigate different mobility experiences from the same app.

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What’s Commutifi? Where does it fit in the urban mobility space?

Commutifi is a complete TDM data and commute management platform that offers data-driven mobility solutions to employers, municipalities, real estate, and more who are looking to optimize their commutes. Through a simple five-step commute optimization process, we measure where a commuter and organization stands with our patented Commuter Score, then analyze data to model, create, and distribute the right programs. We believe that commuters can make more sustainable decisions when it comes to transportation by accurately measuring their commute-based time, cost, and emissions and enabling organizations to provide the right multimodal commuting system to fit their unique needs.

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How does your solution help your clients’ ROI?

It all starts with our industry-leading TDM Data Automation platform, which helps organizations identify effective commuting programs that maximize their ROI. This all then feeds into our data-driven Commute Management platform, which simplifies the journey to a better daily commute by offering parking and commute programs all in one place. This makes it super easy for commuters to understand their trip data and choose the best options to get to and from work based on their preferences and behaviours. Employers can also offer incentive programs through Commutifi’s flexible Mobility Card and simultaneously reward employees for their good commuting habits.

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How does it solve commuting pain points in shared mobility?

Everybody commutes differently. By analyzing commuters’ data and understanding different trip habits, transit agencies could get an understanding of where transit deserts exist and how to better their public transportation. On the other hand, employees using the Commute Management tool can determine which mobility and parking providers are right for your commuters and have access to all of them in one place. From parking, shuttles, and carpools to rideshare, bikeshare, or activity trackers, access all commuter real-time information on the platform. This way, you get a single visual of your entire commuting ecosystem, cutting out trip planning confusion and simplifying program adoption analysis.

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