Our List of the Top 8 Thought-Leaders in Shared Mobility for 2018

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As we near the end of another busy year for movmi, it’s time to look ahead and review whose thought leadership we will follow in 2018.

To help you keep up with the latest trends in shared mobility, we’ve compiled a list of shared mobility thought leaders and blogs. We follow them so we can adopt what’s relevant and stay on top of industry trends to help you grow your shared mobility business. After all to get the best you need to follow the best.


Top Thought Leaders and Blogs in Shared Mobility

TsRC in UC Berkeley by Susan Shaheen

Susan Shaheen is Co-Director of UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center, and a thought-leader in shared mobility that we have been following for a while. She has also contributed to our Women in Shared Mobility series, and we have found the ongoing TSRC research to be incredibly helpful in keeping our numbers up-to-date.

Roland Berger Insights

Roland Berger is a global strategy consulting firm with headquarters in Munich, Germany, consulting in the fields of restructuring and marketing, with a focus on the automobile industry. With a print magazine called Think:Act, you can find endless information on keeping up with the change of the technology and automobile industries on their insights blog. Their blog features articles from Think:Act magazine, interviews with experts and insightful posts written by the partners of the company. 

Shared Use mobility Center

Focused on the community aspect of shared mobility, the Shared Use Mobility Center is a public-interest organization working to foster collaboration in shared mobility – and happens to be a great resource for all things shared mobility! Here you can discover the latest SUMC studies and reports on shared mobility and public transit, as well as news (blog posts), and the upcoming events such as the National Shared Mobility Summit coming up in March, 2018.

Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds is a platform for sharing knowledge on urban sustainability, connected technology and innovation. Meeting of the Minds has an annual summit bringing together experts, opinion-shapers, and policy-makers, and they also put on roundtables, workshops, webinars and meetups. On their blog you can find several essential article series including global mobility research, climate resiliency, and the future of smart cities.

Mckinsey Sustainability and Resource Productivity

McKinsey & Company is a management consulting firm helping companies solve the equation of growth and sustainability, and their insights blog features sustainability topics for all industries including electric vehicles, commercial mobility, and urban mobility.

Morgan Stanley Ideas Blog and Podcast

The leading global financial investing firm, Morgan Stanley, offers some ultra-valuable insights in the shared mobility space on their ideas blog. Their topics range from consumer to healthcare and technology, and if you’re more of a listener, they also have a great podcast. We particularly like the podcast entitled Will Electric Cars Take Us Back to the Future? 

Innovative Mobility Studies

If it’s research you’re looking for, then Innovative Mobility Studies is your haven. This resource offers studies on everything shared mobility from bikesharing and carsharing to ridesharing, on-demand ridesourcing, eco-driving, and intelligent transportation systems.

Women in Shared Mobility Series

Finally, we bring together female thought leaders in the space every single month with our Women in Shared Mobility series. The purpose of this series is to aid in the thought-leadership component of women working in shared mobility: the interviews provide fresh insights and predictions to our audience while pushing forward the female representation in the industry. We will be continuing this series throughout 2018, and can’t wait to feature new voices. If you’re interested in contributing to the series and pushing forward your own thought-leadership, please get in touch with us here.

The research and analysis provided by these 8 thought leaders and blogs are free resources that anyone working in shared mobility would benefit greatly from tapping into.

If you lack the resources internally to turn these insights into reality, contact movmi today. We have the hands on experience, background and team you need to turn your vision into reality.

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