Tokyo is the Most Liveable City of 2016

Carsharing in Tokyo

Tokyo, a city of 13 million, offers a surprising balance of hi-tech efficiency and traditional neighbourhood values, along with punctual transport, the convenience, and the safety and cleanliness. 

For the second year in a row, this Japanese capital has won the top spot as the most liveable city. Monocle’s film answers an interesting question – what happens when darkness falls and the working day comes to an end?  – to reveal the delights of Tokyo that can be found after-hours, from sunset sports to the public-transport system, restaurants to late-night shopping.

Since nighttime is the chance to relax, after long working hours largely encompassed by the city’s industrious workforce, Tokyo comes alive at night. Many of the city’s residents start their day with an early commute, allowing these nighttime delights to offer a chance for enjoyment and relaxation.

Nighttime in Tokyo

Tokyo is a delight during the evening hours, especially considering its low crime rate, and is made up of many outlets that together offer a unique lifestyle of enjoyment and relaxation. Some of these outlets include:

Small restaurants – offer up quick meals

Bars – cocktails are made with charm and precision, and perhaps some live music

Shopping – most shops are open until 8 or 9pm

Urban landmarks – architectural landmarks glow in the evening

Sports facilities – sports outlets are open light for allow for physical activity, including running at night, a cool alternative to jogging during the daytime

Due to its wonderful social aspects, hardworking days, and punctual transportation systems, there is something for everyone in Tokyo, the world’s most liveable city.

Watch the video about Tokyo here.

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