What Women in Shared Mobility Think of the Future of Carsharing

what women in shared mobility think about the future of carsharing

What do four of the smartest women in shared mobility think of the future of carsharing? We had the pleasure of interviewing them to gather their thoughts, which we’ve compiled into the following video.

The questions we asked about shared mobility:

  1. How will shared mobility change in the next 5 years?

    We wanted to get our interviewees’ perspectives on what they see happening in the next 5 years in the industry of shared mobility as a whole, including carsharing, ride sharing, and bikesharing. Because they are each so entrenched in the industries, we suspected that their projections would be quite accurate.

  2. Why is shared mobility important for our cities and communities?

    When we consider the impact of shared mobility on communities and cities as a whole rather than just the individual, it becomes glaringly obvious how important carsharing and other forms of shared mobility are for the world and for the lifestyle and enjoyment of life for future generations.

  3. What do we have to do to convince more people to make shared mobility part of their lifestyle?

    Addressing the hurdle of getting more individuals to buy into the concept of shared mobility, we wanted to know what each of these women think is the best strategy for overcoming barriers and creating well-rounded change for whole communities and cities with the use of shared mobility.

Interviewees on the Future of Shared Mobility

Alison Cohen

Alison Cohen interviewed by movmi on the future of carsharing

Alison Cohen is the President and CEO of Bicycle Transit Systems, a leader in bike share system implementation and operation. Bicycle Transit Systems is based in Philadelphia, PA, and has the most experienced team in the US in launching bike share programs of all sizes. Follow Bicycle Transit Systems here.







Amanda Eaken

Amanda Eaken interviewed by movmi on the future of carsharing

Amanda Eaken is the Director of Transportation and Climate for Urban Solutions Program. As an advocate for sustainable urban planning, Amanda focuses on slashing transportation-related pollution. She played a key role in the formulation and implementation of California’s 2008 Sustainable Communities Act, which gives regions funding and incentives to develop emission-reducing strategies. Follow Amanda here.






Ananda Groag

Ananda Groag interviewed by movmi on the future of carsharing

Ananda Groag is a Shared Mobility Expert for ShareNL, a knowledge and network platform for the collaborative economy. ShareNL works in the Netherlands and internationally to develop the playing field of sharing, together startups, corporates, governments, research institutions and individuals. Follow ShareNL here.







Carla Archambault

Carla Archambault interviewed by movmi on the future of carsharing

Carla Archambault is Director Strategic Initiatives, Product & Experience at Zipcar, based in Seattle, Washington. Carla is responsible for the operations of the Seattle metro area for Zipcar, including member services, fleet operations, human resources, profit and loss responsibilities and managing relationships with government agencies, corporate clients and consumers. Follow Carla here.




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After speaking to these women working in shared mobility, we are very optimistic about the future of carsharing. Want to talk more? Contact us!

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