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What exactly is on-demand shared mobility, where does DRT and microtransit fit in? How does it work? What are best practices and lessons learnt from existing projects? 

If those are your questions, you are in the right place. Join us on a mission to the microtransit universe. You’ll walk away understanding the nuances of microtransit, hear from international experts on the topic and learn from global case studies.


  • Personalized certificate upon completion
  • Expert interviews from industry leaders that have implemented and run DRT/microtransit
  • Case studies that show how to do DRT (and how not to do DRT)
  • Access to movmi’s exclusive community


Microtransit/DRT: Course Breakdown

This course is broken down into four modules, all building upon each other:

Module 1 is laying the foundation and providing the necessary theoretical background. It answers the questions of: What is DRT/microtransit, how does it work, what are the different types of microtransit and what is the impact on user/operators and communities?

Module 2 dives into the planning of microtransit and in particular discusses policies in Europe that make or break microtransit. You’ll walk away knowing what policies matter and take a deep-dive into different case studies. 

Module 3 reviews different use cases based on different customer profiles. What are the different challenges based on different demographics. Again you’ll be able to backup the learnings with specific case studies from Europe. 

Module 4 will zoom out and provide an overview of the competition in the space as well as how microtransit can be anchored better in the bigger picture of transportation. 

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