Business Continuity and Best Practices


This report is the result of 7 months of primary research of the Covid19 Taskforce which includes a consumer survey as well as interviews with industry experts. The report focuses particularly on both the changing consumer and industry trends that will an influence the mobility landscape for years to come. Finally, it provides three simple policy recommendations that every city should think about if they want to increase resilience in their transportation ecosystem.

Electric Shared Mobility and Covid19
In this microwebinar Venkatesh Gopal, Partnerships at movmi, discusses the changes in electric shared mobility with James Carter, Vision Mobility and Dermot Hikisch, Ridecell.
Redefining Transportation to become more resilient
This Covid-19 Taskforce briefing was hosted by Sandra Phillips, CEO of movmi who was joined by Kristoffer Vik Hansen, CEO of Spare. They discuss equitable transportation and the new innovation surrounding paratransit services, why exactly microtransit has been flourishing throughout the pandemic and what the ‘new normal’ will look like for the transportation industry over the next few years.
Micromobility Risk Management and Insurance
In this microwebinar Justin Kozak, VP of Sales at Foundershield and Flavia de Mattia, Underwriter at Apollo discuss how Covid19 has changed insurance needs for micromobility operators.
UV Disinfection in Shared Mobility, with a focus on carsharing
Round 2 of sanitization and UV with Jesse Halfon, Attorney at Dykema. He speaks with Alex Farren from BlueMorph that has developed a specialized solution for vehicle disinfection.
A Global Outlook on Shared Mobility and the Impact of the Pandemic
Panel discussion hosted by Jacob Greig, VP Americas at Liftango. He’s joined by Ishra Baksh, Executive Director (Mobility as a Service Program Management Office), Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland, Mikki Taylor–Hendrix, Transit Ambassador Manager at the Detroit Department of Transportation and Sandra Phillips, Founder and CEO of movmi.
UV Disinfection in Shared Mobility, especially Micromobility
Jesse Halfon, Attorney at Dykema Mobility, speaks with Rafael M. Acevedo, Managing Director at Magment about the potential of UV Disinfection for Shared Mobility, in particular in micromobility.

Mobility and Technology during the Pandemic and Beyond

Melika Jahangiri from Wunder discussed how technology is supporting the new requirements for sanitization, contactless entry and the pivot in business models.  

What are the best operational practices for shared mobility providers
David Holzer, former Regional Director of ShareNow, interviews Dave Wharf, Operations Manager, Evo and Josh Moskowitz, COO, Shiftransit.

Tracking Corona Actions of Mobility Service Providers

 What are all the shared mobility operators doing during Covid19? Augustin Friedl’s crowdsourced database most likely has the answer.

What can be done for essential workers and equity in shared mobility 

Clarissa Cabansagan from Transform discusses transportation equity issues with Sandra Phillips from movmi. Things that need to change at a systemic level for transportation to be inclusive for all members of the community.

City policies for a world post Covid-19
A discussion between Gabriel Scheer and Marla Westervelt on policies, infrastructure, equity and how our world could look like post-Covid19.

Shared Mobility Movement #WeAllMove

The World Economic Forum, Allianz, Hertz, Wunder Mobility, ShareNow and Voi have created a platform that connect essential workers with shared mobility offerings.

Carsharing Association Webinar: Managing operations, cleaning fleets and stressful decisions
During a recent webinar, hosted by the Carsharing Association, best practices for cleaning and managing fleets during Covid-19 were shared.

Partnerships and Advocacy

Rebuild Tomorrow’s Mobility Survey Report
How have lifestyle changes because of the pandemic impacted transportation behaviour? This snapshot in time reports back what Metro Vancouverites have told us during the initial Phase 1 (work-from-home state) and the following recovery phase 2 of the pandemic.
Future of Mobility post-pandemic
UITP and Artur D.Little’s latest report on mobility trends, through the lens of the ongoing pandemic.
Carsharing Post-Covid – Top 5 City Policies
What are the top 5 policies any city can implement to increase its carshare capacity? Learnings from the 2020 Carshare City Awards.
Streets for Pandemic Response Recovery
NACTO’s latest compilation of emerging best practices for street designs as a response to the pandemic and during the recovery phase.
COVID-19: Impact on Shared Mobility
In one of our most recent articles we’re discussing why shared mobility provides an essential service during this pandemic.
NACTO: Transportation Action Updates
Comprehensive database listing all transportation actions taken in North America during the pandemic.
Covid Can Help Us Imagine a Better Future
Gabriel Scheer looks at how urban mobility could look after the pandemic with a special focus on infrastructure, neighbourhoods and mode shift.
What will become of Shared Mobility? Augustin Friedl and Sandra Phillips dig into the data, discern patterns and provide an outlook of what’s to come for Shared Mobility Providers around the world.

Grants and Funding for Shared Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility Covid19 Call for Responses
EIT Urban Mobility has reallocated up to 7 Million Euros to open a new call dedicated to addressing urban mobility challenges posed by COVID-19 crisis as part of the EIT’s Crisis Response Initiative.
Mobility Makers Open Challenges
A challenge to provide micromobility in Paris La Defense, one to provide a mobility solution for tomorrow and one to be part of the next MooveLab startup co-hort.
Integrated Mobilty Innovation Grant (US)
Integrated Mobility Innovation Grant (US) for micro transit or any operator willing to partner with transit agencies to enhance public transit effectiveness through technology.
B.C. Fast Pilot Fund
The B.C. Fast Pilot program provides up to $200,000 for regional SMEs to design, build and operate a pilot plant or small demonstration of their technology in real-world conditions. Science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools.

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