movmi to Take the Stage at City Car Summit in Berlin


The group Automotive Knowledge Associates is hosting a conference focused upon the intersection (pun certainly intended) of urban planning and cars.  movmi’s own Emily Fleck was tapped to serve on its organizational committee, and it’s been thrilling to watch as the schedule and program content take shape.

As our readers know, the nature of mobility in European and North American cities has been changing for some time now, with citizens’ travel modes shifting more and more miles away from privately-owned vehicles.  This sea change in transportation is driven by numerous factors, just a handful of which include fast-growing populations in urban areas, the penetration of mobile devices that provide 24/7 internet connectivity, and the volatility of fuel costs.  Getting oneself from “Point A” to “Point B” is a basic human problem to solve each and every day, and carsharing is projected to grow significantly in revenue potential in coming decades.  Those of us in the shared-use transportation sector can’t help but be pleased that an increasingly diverse cross-section of thinkers and doers are converging to share ideas about urban mobility at these gatherings, and this conference is no exception.

Sandra Phillips, our CEO and founder, will present the findings of the Shared Mobility City Index, a joint research project between movmi and Inov360.  Sandra wrote about the Index in Daimler’s Move-Forward journal back in November, and we are incredibly excited to present this detailed and useful information to the conference attendees.  A gathering so focused on urban mobility is the ideal place to make the maximum impact with this work.  After the conference we’ll be posting here and elsewhere about how to access and use the index to your city’s or business’s advantage.

Emily will also speak at the conference, moderating a panel of car sharing technology and operations experts on Wednesday morning.  The panel is meant to tease out some of the nitty-gritty about how technology will continue to change and mold the carsharing industry as we know it today.  Do you have a burning question you’d want to ask a group of technologists and carsharing CEOs?  Tweet Emily @carsharegeekery to share your thoughts.

The conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, on the 15th and 16th of March, at the Hotel Pullman in Berlin’s Tiergarten neighborhood.  Additionally, movmi will have a table in the exposition area during the conference.  If you plan to attend, we encourage you to pop by and say hello.  We’ll be sharing the Shared Mobility City Index from its new online home, handing out some reading material, and generally having a grand time “talking shop” with our fellow attendees.  Registration is open, and we’d be so delighted to meet with you while in beautiful Berlin.

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