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Ewaka Celeste Vogel partner spotlight

Electric Micromobility in Africa: Interview with Céleste Vogel from eWAKA

We believe cultivating partnerships is the key to creating successful shared mobility. With over 70 partners, so much innovation is happening right here in our network! This month we are bringing back our partner spotlight series with an interview from Céleste Vogel, CEO and Co-Founder of eWAKA – a platform for commuter and commercial micromobility fleets.

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electric bikes

Electric Bikeshare Whitepaper, 2022

In our latest whitepaper, we identify how shared electric bikeshare operations can be a win-win for users, operators, cities and the planet. We also provide real life examples, insights and data describing how to attract riders, ensure operational feasibility, and improve multimodality of cities.

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electric bikesharing

Electric Bikesharing, 2022

In this whitepaper, we identify how shared electric bikesharing operations can be a win-win for users, operators, cities and the planet. We also provide real life examples, insights and data describing how to attract riders, ensure operational feasibility, and improve multimodality of cities. We take a close look at the challenges with e-bikesharing, but also the opportunities.

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Electric Carsharing, 2021

Our comprehensive Electric Carsharing Whitepaper delves into the unique benefits that EVs offer to users, communities, and operators alike.

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electric carsharing whitepaper
Car Sharing

Electric Carsharing Whitepaper, 2021

The EV industry is maturing at a fast rate to improve vehicle and charging technology. Conservative and overly restrictive policies only prove to hinder innovation. Policies that easily adapt to and foster innovation can help bridge the operational gaps that can ultimately make the mass transition to EVs more feasible. In this whitepaper, we take a deep dive into electric carsharing: user experience, electric vehicles policies, operational feasibility and charging infrastructure. We also analyse EV policies from 9 different cities and scan the top carsharing favoring cities worldwide to understand what has helped and what other factors need to be considered in order to truly electrify carsharing.

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Bike Sharing

Highlights from Our Favorite Sessions at the 2024 Active Transportation Summit

Last month, movmi had the pleasure of co-hosting the Active Transportation Summit in New Westminster. This dynamic event brought together industry leaders, urban planners, and transportation enthusiasts to discuss the future of mobility. As active participants, we attended numerous sessions and are excited to share some key takeaways with our followers. In this blog post, we take a look at a few of the sessions focused on shared micromobility and multimodal transportation, topics that are at the heart of our mission to transform urban mobility.

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Bike Sharing

AT Summit 2024: 7 Key Takeaways for Shared Micromobility Operators and Advocates

The Active Transportation Summit happened last week and we’re still basking in the afterglow of another successful event. In this article we share are our seven key takeaways from the event… whether you’re a shared mobility operator, a city official wanting to improve transportation equity and affordability in your area, or a developer wanting to learn more about how sustainable transportation goals may impact your future projects, this is essential information for you to know.

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sustainable transportation

Three Strategies for Increasing Resilience in our Transportation Ecosystems

As we honor Earth Month (including Earth Day) this year, we believe it’s important to not just discuss the need for sustainable transportation options but to also derive inspiration and learning from nature’s success stories. One of which is Stanley Park. As transportation planners and designers, there are several key strategies that we can steal from Stanley park and incorporate them into our own transportation initiatives. Keep reading or watch the video below to find out what these are.

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Bringing shared mobility visions to life. We build healthier communities by co-creating innovative mobility solutions that increase transportation options, while reducing dependency on private car

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Balanced Shared Mobility Policy

Balanced Shared Mobility Policy We will support your city in developing policies that strike the balance between community benefit and operational feasibility. Talk to our

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Boost the Bottom Line

Boost the Bottom Line We will help you create a Growth Strategy to achieve profitability in your shared mobility service. Talk to our experts What

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Electrified Cities

Electrified Cities We will provide infrastructure planning that will help grow the electrification of shared mobility. Talk to our experts What does movmi offer? Committed

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Global Mobility

Empowering the Journey: Spotlight on Indigenous Transportation Enterprises

Numerous Indigenous businesses have carved out a niche for themselves in the transportation sector. With a deep-rooted commitment to community service, cultural preservation, and sustainability, these enterprises serve more than just economic functions. They foster cultural exchanges, drive local engagement, and often champion environmentally friendly practices that set them apart in a competitive marketplace.

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Micromobility 2023 Update: Shared E-scooters & E-bikes in Canada

Over the past 12 months, micromobility, in particular e-scooter and e-bike share services, have gained significant traction as sustainable and convenient modes of transportation. Canada, known for its forward-thinking approach to urban mobility, has been actively embracing these micromobility solutions.

In this article, we discuss the latest micromobility news in Canada (since the beginning of 2022 until now) including:

New pilot programs
The rise of shared e-bikes
Major micromobility regulatory changes.

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movmi News

movmi: Your Trusted Partner in Designing, Planning and Launching Shared Mobility Services Worldwide

movmi’s speciality is Shared Mobility Architecture. We provide award-winning design, planning, and launch services for new shared mobility projects worldwide. Our nimble, 6-person team has extensive expertise in all aspects of Shared Mobility Architecture, having been involved in over 70 carshare, micromobility, micro transport and Mobility-as-a-Service projects.

Our diverse range of clients includes public agencies such as TransLink, State of Luxembourg, City of Vancouver, City of Calgary, and Vélib, as well as private sector Fortune500 companies like BMW and Honda, and new mobility startups like Superpedestrian/Link, Sparrow, Revel, Velometro/Veemo.

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neighbourhood mobility station

Neighbourhood Mobility Station

This whitepaper explores the positive impacts Neighbourhood Mobility Stations have on local communities and why they are an essential tool for cities to help combat the challenges caused by rising populations, i.e. investments for transportation infrastructure, traffic congestion and the need for more housing. Based on their extensive experience, research and interviews with industry experts, we share the key components necessary to make Mobility Stations socially, economically and sustainably feasible.

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Integrated Mobility & Transit

How to Integrate Micromobility with our Public Transportation: Cheat Sheet

Multimodal integration improves reliability, affordability, and – with trip planning – flexibility of multimodal trips. It increases ridership across modes and offers the population more of an accessible distance to transport stations. To achieve integration we need to create seamless connectivity and just like any good recipe there are key ingredients and a proper method required to achieve successful micromobility integration.

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E-Learning: Policy Navigation For Micromobility

City regulations played a massive role in shaping e-scooter and bike share deployments in cities across the world. We are delighted to announce that movmi has collaborated with Joyride Academy to create a free e-learning course, so that you can learn what it takes to navigate the rules and regulations for shared micromobility.

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global diversity
Global Mobility

Empower Women in Shared Mobility: 2022 Update

This October, we are celebrating Global Diversity Awareness Month by checking in with, and paying tribute to, a few of the amazing women founders (and their companies) we had the pleasure of meeting during last year’s Empower Women in Shared Mobility Program. We had applicants from almost every continent, each one striving to make our planet a better place to live, by helping us move around easier and safer.

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Future Of Mobility

Deloitte’s Transportation Forum 2022, Vancouver

The 2022 Transportation Forum, hosted by Deloitte, featured leaders from both government and industry who discussed these important issues through keynotes and informative panel discussions on the future of transportation and mobility in our region.

One of the experts included as a panelist in this Forum was movmi’s Founder and CEO, Sandra Phillips who took part in Session Two: Urban Mobility: Innovation and technology for a better quality of life. Keep reading for a short summary of this discussion.

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Micromobility Business Model

In this article we review the different types of micromobility business models, offer advice on how to build a micromobility business model to suit your needs and use movmi’s own case studies to explore the challenges and successes of different micromobility business models.

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Case Study

Getting Around Northern Ireland: My Experience of Irish Transportation

In honour of St.Patrick’s Day this year, the team at movmi nominated me (their very own Irish expat! ☘️) to write an article, about my personal experience of transportation and shared mobility living in Ireland. Northern Ireland to be exact.

In this article I discuss my personal experience with transportation in Ireland, including both public and private options… or the lack of.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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