Assessing Carsharing Viability in your City

Guide for Assessing Carsharing Viability in your City

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Interested in bringing a fresh, eco-friendly transportation alternative to your small city? You’re in the right place!

Our step-by-step guide for “Assessing Carsharing Viability in your City” is your guide for introducing an efficient and eco-friendly carshare system in your locale.

Whether you are a city planner, a local government official, or a community leader, this checklist is your roadmap to making a significant impact.

Why carsharing?

Carsharing offers numerous benefits:

  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provides affordable transportation alternatives
  • Enhances urban living quality

What's inside the checklist?

  • Getting Started: Assess your city’s specific needs and learn from successful carsharing models in other cities.
  • Demand Analysis: Evaluate your city’s readiness for carsharing and define what a successful program looks like.
  • Financial Assessment: Consider various funding approaches, including starting anew or collaborating with existing carshare services.
  • Strategic Development: Plan for regulatory adjustments and develop effective marketing strategies.
  • Go Live and Learn: Implement the carshare program, manage funding smartly, and continuously monitor and improve its performance.

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