Car Sharing Business Growth

Case Study: Evaluating Car Sharing Business Growth


movmi was hired in 2021 to 2022 to evaluate the current financial situation for a car sharing operator in the State of Luxembourg and recommend a pragmatic strategy for future growth. 

The team was tasked to evaluate revenue streams, operational costs, technology bottlenecks in growth, fleet vehicle mix and economics of existing customer segments to arrive at a 8 year profitability projection.

In this Case Study we share:

  • What our main objectives were when entering into this project.
  • Our 8 key findings and strategies to encourage revenue growth.
  • The measurable results that emerged from our recommendations.
"When it comes to growth for carsharing services, it's vital to evaluate opportunities based on user experience and projected ROI. Growth may very well come from streamlining existing operations before going after a new market."
profile photo Venkatesh Gopal
Venkatesh Gopal
Principal - eMobility & Financial Feasibility

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