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How Car Sharing Can Deliver on its Potential in an Ecosystem Play

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Car sharing is not just a service; it’s a key piece of the future mobility puzzle. With roots stretching back to 1948, this innovative solution has grown significantly, especially in the last two decades, thanks to digital advancements and a shift in consumer attitudes.

Despite facing challenges, car sharing represents a dynamic segment within the global shared mobility market, poised for greater expansion as sustainability and convenience become more important.

What's inside the report?

Car Sharing: Benefits and Challenges

Explore how car sharing fits into the future of urban transport, offering efficiency, sustainability, and convenience. However, challenges like maintenance and regulatory issues also surface.

Implementation Hurdles

Learn about the obstacles from restrictive regulations to profitability issues faced by cities and car-sharing operators, and the strategies to overcome these barriers.

Success Strategies

Discover the need for car-sharing services to integrate more closely with the overall mobility ecosystem and the importance of strategic service placement. The report details critical steps for cities and operators, including fostering innovation, encouraging public-private partnerships, and focusing on customer needs.

The Future Path

Car sharing is set to play a significant role in evolving urban mobility, especially with the rise of autonomous vehicles, offering a blueprint for a more sustainable and efficient transportation landscape.

What you will learn

Explore our new whitepaper, created with Arthur D. Little, titled ‘How Car Sharing Can Deliver on Its Potential in an Ecosystem Play.’

You will learn:

  • The secrets to success in the car-sharing industry, including moving past old-school models.
  • The importance of working closely with the bigger world of shared transport.
  • Why placing car-sharing spots where they make the most difference is key to helping both people and the whole transport system.

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