A Recipe For
Micromobility Integrations

Micromobility Integrations

micromobility integrations

How do we integrate micromobility with our public transportation network to create a better overall system?

To achieve integration we need to create seamless connectivity, that will reduce car dependence and the number/length of trips.

Just like any good recipe there are key ingredients and a proper method required to achieve successful integration.

In this cheat sheet you will receive:

  • The key ingredients of successful micromobility integrations.
  • A method for integration that includes examples of key impact objectives and the questions you should be asking.
  • The positive impacts and the four levels of micromobility integration.
"As a flexible transportation option with comparatively low overhead and operations costs, shared micromobility is a natural complement to public transit. In fact, according to an industry survey polling more than 10,000 e-scooter riders across Europe, more than 55% use shared micrombility in combination with public transit. For bikeshare users this is even higher: 67% reported they combined bike share with public transit."
Sandra Phillips
CEO & Co-Founder, movmi

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