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micromobility scootershare whitepaper

A Preview of movmi’s Scootershare Whitepaper

Nov 21, 2018

Micromobility is taking off across the world. With companies such as Bird, Lime and Spin receiving valuations in the billions, the scootersharing industry is getting noticed. While companies such as Bird, Lime and Spin may get the spotlight, there are important companies supporting them behind-the-scenes. movmi wanted to investigate the technology vendors that support these scootersharing operations and do a comparative analysis that is similar to our carsharing technology vendor comparison. For the full version of our whitepaper, please send your request here.

In movmi’s whitepaper, we review the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. We highlight challenges the industry faces such as the constant need to keep the scooters charged and the on-going challenge to prevent “scooter litter”. We also reveal opportunities in the scootershare industry. In particular, the scootershare industry holds great promise to be a positive transportation option for the environment as most scootershare operations are battery operated.

We also reviewed the top scootershare technology vendors: Omoove, ElectricFeel and fleetbird (now known as Wunder Fleet). These vendors serve primarily the European and North American market with their client portfolio including eCooltra (ElectricFeel), Mobility (Omoove) and emmy (fleetbird).

For our comparative analysis, we assessed each vendor based on 5 major criteria:

  • Member Management
  • Trip Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Pricing, Promotions & Discounts

The goal of this criteria is to evaluate aspects that touches every step of the member journey. However, this does not mean that we evaluated every feature that each technology vendor provides. For example, insurance telematics was not evaluated for this whitepaper’s edition. Due to the fast pace nature of the industry where these high-performing technology vendors are always improving their systems and introducing new features, the scoring that was made in Fall 2018 may not match with what is being offered by each vendor today. That said, we highlighted some of the best in class features each vendor provides such as ElectricFeel providing an exceptional, automated fleet management system. To learn more about the top-performing scootershare vendors, please email

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