Dubai, Abu Dhabi/Rhyiad, UAE/Saudi Arabia

Client Type

Private, Venture Capital Backed Startup




What We Did


  • Service & product design 


  • Technology feasibility
  • Launch strategy


  • Project & stakeholder management
  • Technology implementation management 
  • Launch management 


  • Operations optimization

Project Approach

ekar is the Middle East’s first pay-as-you-go hourly car rental. In 2015, cabin crew working for Etihad or Emirates airline decided to enter into a partnership with ekar to launch the Middle East’s first station based carshare provider.

movmi was on site in Dubai and worked with ekar to set up and launch their entire operations, including the commercial launch for the cabin crew members working for Ethiad or Emirates airlines in just four short months.
In particular movmi took on the role of ekar’s Product Manager and were responsible for the hardware/software setup and testing. By focusing on the user experience, movmi’s work with ekar ensured a simple, clean, and stable experience for the first ekar members and for those to join in the far future.

movmi also was responsible for hiring and training the entire operations team (General Manager, Customer Service and Fleet Operations). We created standard operating procedures and a set of training scenarios for the team prior to launch in order to meet Etihad and Emirates high standards. We also built ekar a customized dashboard that helped them track key performance indicators on a monthly and structured basis from Day 1.

In 2019, movmi was hired to complete a gap analysis of the entire ekar operations. This was completed in stages. movmi conducted a series of qualitative interviews with the managers of each department which was then turned into a scorecard ranking. The team then reviewed ekar’s financials, and took a deep dive into their utilization data as well as the overall strategic direction. The final report compared ekar to industry benchmarks and provided detailed recommendations for improvements in each area. Some of which included, how to manage parking costs, when to implement automated services, for example, when making toll and fine payments and the best methods for interdepartmental communication.

Measurable Results


After 2 years they were at 22% utilization which is better than the best performing European cities in 2019.


Increase in carshare vehicle fleet across Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E

Based on the pilot and its success, ekar won one of two exclusive licenses to operate in Dubai issued by the RTA (Road Transportation Authority). Setting up for success: ekar’s dashboard helped the team keep an eye on utilization (the #1 performance factor for shared mobility). The gap analysis and its recommendation supported ekar’s latest round of funding and its entry into the Saudi market.

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