Shared Mobility Compass Card

Vancouver, Canada

Client Type

Public Transit


Integrated Mobility



What We Did


  • Service & Product Design


  • Technology Feasibility
  • Launch Strategy


  • Project & Stakeholder Management
  • Technology Implementation Management
  • Launch Management


  • Closeout Report
  • Pilot

Project Approach

At the beginning of 2019, TransLink announced the winners of the first Open Innovation Call focused on multimodal transportation. The winners were three private shared mobility operators Evo Car Share, Mobi by ShawGo, and Modo Co-operative with the objective to launch an integrated transportation pilot. TransLink enlisted movmi’s help to create a Shared Mobility Pilot in collaboration with the operators which was launched in October 2019 and ran until August 2020.

The goal of the pilot was to test how efficient and well received, integrated and multimodal travel in the city would be. It’s purpose was also to better understand customer needs and how the program could influence mode choice for its users.

movmi played a role in all five stages of the program. Initially by collaborating with the four transport providers to create a consumer survey to understand the needs for a seamless mobility pilot, by leading three multi-organizational working groups (Strategy & Governance, technical & launch squad) during both design and implementation phases and lastly by creating monthly dashboard that was shared with the four transportation providers, showing the total number of active users, number of trips, mode splits, percentage of multimodal trips etc during the operational period. movmi was also responsible for the final evaluation and close-out report.

During the 9 Month Pilot:


of the participants agreed that they changed their work-related travel behavior because of the SMCC program


agreed that they replaced the use of personal vehicles with other forms of shared mobility


tried a new form of transportation

Based on this potential for modeshift, TransLink’s executive team approved funding for the next phase which will introduce a seamless Mobility-as-a-Service offering to consumers. In January 2021, movmi was retained by TransLink for the overall Program Management for this next phase.

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