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movmi Academy: Shared Mobility Architecture 101

Have you ever wondered what a Shared Mobility Architect does? Are you planning to launch a new Shared Mobility service and wonder if you should work with a Shared Mobility Architect? Perhaps you’ve considered becoming a Shared Mobility Architect yourself? movmi is about to launch movmi Academy’s first every e-learning course: Shared Mobility Architecture 101.

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Lense Two: State & Provincial

Understand the key areas state/provincial levels will regulate. Lessons Learnt from the Trenches: the complicated framework for micromobility in BC, Canada.

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Lense One: Infrastructure

Understand how to map out infrastructure Lessons Learnt from the Trenches from 3 projects: micromobility project Veemo on a university campus, a mixed carshare parking

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Bike Sharing


In our #PartnerSpotlight series, we wish to share what we have learnt so far about our partners and how they see their solutions solving today’s transportation challenges. This month we explore eBike sharing. With the current boom in biking across cities globally and with micromobility gaining traction as a viable and sustainable transportation alternative for private and public applications we feel this is quite the need of the hour. BYKKO works in bringing the eBike shared micromobility model to life.

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shared mobility


Over the past decade, shared transportation services have grown tremendously in popularity as a result of renewed interest in environmental, energy, and economic concerns, all of which have intensified the need for sustainable solutions. There are several benefits of using shared mobility including, reduced traffic congestion, reduced transportation costs, equitable access and affordable choices for various income groups and it can be used as a first and last mile solution. But is shared mobility truly environmentally sustainable and why is this important?

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Our Clients

Our Clients Testimonials Multimodal Integration Sandra is a knowledge expert when it comes to shared mobility. We were fortunate to have Sandra and her team

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