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movmi In The News October 2021 The future of Mobility: These innovative BC companies are showing the world better, greener ways to get around Published

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Community Women In Shared Mobility EmpowerWISM Partner Network Women in Shared Mobility movmi has built a co-hort of 100+ women leaders and experts in transportation

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Car Sharing

Understanding the Car Sharing Business Model and How to Build Yours

The car sharing business model isn’t something that is so simple to understand. Because of the various structures that are available for the creation of your carshare operation, the needs of the business model will range. However, you can be pretty certain that your car sharing business model will need a healthy balance of attention on regulation, finances, technology, operation, and market assessment. Keep reading to understand the carsharing business model and how to build yours. Like this article? Here is some more of our content you should check out.

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We get your shared mobility service off the ground and shorten your time to market. We can confidently make that claim because we have done

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Growth Potential More than $5.7 billion have been invested in micromobility since 2015 and according to some industry experts, the idea of tech driven, shared micromobility

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Bringing shared mobility visions to life. We build healthier communities by co-creating innovative mobility solutions that increase transportation options, while reducing dependency on private car

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