Electric Carsharing Whitepaper, 2021

The carsharing market employing electric vehicles (EVs) is growing globally as sustainable transportation is taking center stage in urban transportation strategies and will soon become the vehicle of choice in our current climate landscape. Our latest Electric Carsharing Whitepaper identifies the distinct advantages that electric vehicles bring to carsharing for the users, communities and operators.

Electric Carsharing Whitepaper, 2021

movmi’s new Electric Carsharing whitepaper has four main focus points:

  1. User Experience: What role can carsharing play in changing user behaviour?
  2. Electric Vehicles Policy: What’s being discussed and how do they impact EVs in carsharing?
  3. Operational Feasibility: What do operators stand to gain from electrification?
  4. Charging Infrastructure: How does it impact electrification efforts?

This report is based on qualitative interviews with industry experts on EV infrastructure and operations as well as a thorough scan of electrification policy of 10 different cities globally. As always, the final report underwent a peer-review by industry experts.

electric carsharing whitepaper

For a brief summary of what to expect in this whitepaper, check out our latest blog post: www.movmi.net/electric-carsharing-whitepaper-2021

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