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Questions past clients have asked us:

We want to launch an e-bike share, what is the right pricepoint in market X?

I want to launch a b2b mobility-as-a-service service. How do I test this with users and how do I reach them?

I want to launch a micromobility service for seniors. What is the right MVP for that?

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Design services include:

  • Primary & Secondary Market Research
  • Service & Product Design with a specific sense on diversity & inclusion

movmi’s team is gender and racially diverse, with each member bringing their own unique experience to the table. This means movmi’s clients are able to create dynamic services that appeal to a larger user demographic and are thus more resilient.

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Questions past clients have asked:

I have an MVP for a new EV carshare, what are the cost assumptions and what’s the profit margin?

We’re thinking about microtransit, can you create a feasibility study to see if it even makes sense for us to invest in this technology?

We’re looking at starting an electric moped share and are looking at technology options. There are so many we don’t know which one to choose.

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Planning services include:

  • Financial modelling & Business case pro forma
  • Launch strategy (deployment plan, community engagement etc)
  • Technology selection & feasibility studies
  • Pilot programs

movmi will help get your shared mobility service off the ground and shorten your time to market. By working alongside your team, movmi can help you hit the ground running with the team’s extensive knowledge of shared mobility including time management and staying on budget.

movmi also has a new Shared Mobility City Index Planning Tool (SMCI-PT) which visually links data with geographies. The SMCI-PT provides insights about cities or regions and is extremely useful when it comes to the successful design, implementation and launch of public and private shared mobility services.

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Questions past clients have asked:

We’re working on integrating the local bikeshare and carshare into public transit and need someone to manage the project and its stakeholders.
We’ve completed a microtransit feasibility study and need someone to managed the technology implementation and our pilot

We have selected by City X to launch our carsharing program and need support to launch.

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Building services include:

  • Project & stakeholder management
  • Technology implementation management
  • Launch Management
movmi will assist in building your service and ensure it’s streamlined, scalable and optimized right from the start. The goal is to help you increase efficiency and revenue because the long-term success of your service is our success as well.
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Questions past clients have asked:

We’re running an multimodal pilot and need to evaluate if people actually shift behaviour. How do we do that?

We’ve been in operations for the past X years and need someone independent but with deep subject matter expertise to review our operations.

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Evaluation services include:

  • Progress reporting through monthly data analysis and user survey
  • Gap analysis
  • Operations optimization
movmi will review your progress and operational challenges and provide a set of actionable recommendations based on quantitative and qualitative data sets measured against global benchmarks.