movmi’s offering focuses on co-creation of shared mobility services that are financially viable and grow in the long-term. Our services are scalable – depending on your unique needs, budget and time – we meet you where you’re at. 

We create a custom built project together with you. Book a 30-min free consultation to discuss your unique needs.


Engage us through one of our Bundles. Clients tell us that they love our Bundles for two main reasons:

  1. Less ambiguity because you know exactly what you are getting.
  2. More bang for buck – at least 25% more value than individually priced services.

movmi’s six most popular Bundles are

service bundles
Shared mobility operators table 3

Starting as low as $3,000/month.

Starting as low as $2,900/workshop.

Real estate devloper table

Starting as low as $3,200 per month or workshop.