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Shared Mobility

Summer School

From Mindshift to Modeshift

Tailored for Urban Transportation Professionals such as Urban Planners, Transportation Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Mobility Service Providers, this exclusive three-day intensive summer school program will focus on system design, mindshift and behaviour change.

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A few details about the Summer School...

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August 20-22, 2024

2 min

Camden, London

3 min

25 Participants Only

The three days are split up between theoretical input sessions, guest lectures from local speakers, student engagement and group work throughout the day. Participants will also receive networking opportunities between senior transportation professionals, operators, policy makers and the London group.

Teachers & Topics

Key Aspects of Successful Shared Mobility Design

Sandra Phillips | Founder & CEO | movmi

Sandra will explore design biases in transportation, highlighting methods for recognition and removal. Emphasizing inclusive design principles, she’ll illustrate how addressing biases enhances equity, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Sandra will also demonstrate how eliminating biases drives increased adoption of transportation solutions, leading to more sustainable and effective mobility for all.

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Regulatory and physical realities that make/break shared mobility

Michael Glotz-Richter | Shared Mobility Expert

Michael possesses a deep understanding of the limitations and capabilities of policy. He will approach the discussion of modeshift and adoption from both a regulatory standpoint and an examination of necessary changes in public space allocation. By weaving together these perspectives, Michael aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in fostering and adopting sustainable transportation solutions.

The Key Levers to Shifting Behaviours

Georgia Yexley | Founder | Loud Mobility

Georgia will address increasing shared mobility appeal for underrepresented groups like women, newcomers, and those with physical disabilities. She’ll discuss strategies for inclusive representation and accessibility, and explore innovative methods to overcome adoption barriers such as cultural perceptions and safety concerns to make shared mobility more inviting and accessible to diverse communities.

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