covid-19 shared mobility updates

Covid19 has unearthed the epidemiological aspect of public transit and shared mobility on a global scale. Both industry have seen free-falling declines in demand and trust in both offers have been shaken. Even more worrying are early numbers out of China that show an increase in car sales.

This is why we founded the global Covid-19 Shared Mobility Taskforce. The taskforce is comprised of experts in carshare, all forms of micromobility and microtransit. You will have access to people who have a deep understanding of technology & operations, policy and government relationships, as well as legal and insurance issues. We will provide assistance during the current crisis but also during the recovery phase.

Our vision is to:

Empower operators with supporting material. Check out our resources page.

Educate by sharing positive news and content showing the opportunities.

Advocate of behalf of shared mobility operators to become more integrated into the larger transportation eco-system.

You can reach us by sending an email to Or you can subscribe to the monthly Covid19 Shared Mobility Briefing.

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